Signs of Spring

I am so happy the weather has finally warmed up here in New England.
The bright yellow forsythia is a sure sign of Spring.

My boxwoods needed a little “help” so I gave them an extra vine wreath.

I know that artificial plants outside are a huge design faux pas but I had to stick a bit of texture in with these sorry boxwoods.  They’re not really holding their own yet.

That center piece between the windows is a skinny wood pallet.
 I picked up two of them for free.

I brought my frame accent outside to fancy up the pallet.

I sanded down my screen door to let the other colors show through. Then gave it a rub down with ebony stain. It looks darker and richer than before.

I am not ready to take down my beautiful Christmas wreath.  My boy, Luke, gave that huge, natural wreath to me and I can not part with it just yet.  It’s still soft and the memory of my little guy bringing in that wreath for me with a huge smile on his face is priceless.

With a few white accents – it passes for a pretty Spring decoration.