Wainscoting the Foyer & Bath



I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to my computer, let alone write a post. So HELLO!!! – it’s been a long time.


I am here today to show you a little project that I did in our foyer and main floor bathroom.


Since our walls are pretty white to begin with you may not notice right off that there is new board and batten wainscoting. Our foyer had crown molding when we moved in but the trim package was pretty plain otherwise.


I wanted to do something fun and different for trim/wainscoting but in the end I just needed to do what I could do and knew how to do. I did board and batten in our home in Connecticut in 2008 or so. I was thinking it might be going out of style but the trend seems to be going strong still.


So here it is again 11 years later in our Virginia home.


We have a center staircase colonial, which I love, so the foyer is it’s own space,  I did the wainscoting all at the same height, even though the stairs could possibly take it at an angle. I did it all straight.DSC_0509-2.jpg

The perimeter walls all got b&b white trim but the very center wall is painted all white with a gallery of mirrors and empty frames. This wall has a thermostat, cold air return, door bell and a three way light switch on it – ….. – I know, right?! The most important wall in the house is ridiculously decorated with utility access.


Luckily we can make do with what we have with a little bit of “out of the box” thinking.

Sometimes a design challenge leads to a creative design solution that is better than originally imagined. We love the character of the foyer and we don’t notice any of the utility features here.DSC_0509

Since the bathroom is basically part of our foyer  it got the same wall treatment.DSC_0515

After trying to write this post for a few weeks I decided to just wrap it up.  I need to pull my camera out more often but I seem to be attached to my and Instagram more lately.  You can follow along there @hollybrowninghome  This week I am getting a different computer, which I am hoping will be way less frustrating to work on. The current one is so sluggish.


We are half way through summer! It’s been pretty fun but our family vacations are in August this year. We are so ready!DSC_0517

Hopefully you’ve all been making fun memories and enjoying the sun.

Until next time…

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Everything is beautiful (as always) Holly! I love the wainscoting and love how you’ve camouflaged all the “practical” items. 😉

Katie Mansfield

It’s so cute. You did a great job and I do think that board and batten is still going strong.