A Salvaged Frame



I found this frame at my favorite salvage store last week. I liked the chunky size but not the veneer.

I thought the back side had some potential.  It is real wood and pretty rough.
So I cleaned it up a bit.
Then I cut some chicken wire down to size and stapled it to the front side of the frame.
Now to get ready for the spray paint…
I want the paint to be all chippy so I am using the “vaseline technique”.
(I used up all my vaseline but this is a similar “goop”)
Spray paint it a flat white.  Let it dry completely before scraping.
Using a spackle knife – scrape the ‘goop’ off and also other areas that I want the wood to show.
Where the “goop” was it looks like the paint was really chipped off.

I can think of so many ways to use this….


For today…this is where it will go.


A salvaged frame given a whole new look….

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I seriously get all excited when I see you have a new post! Great timing on this one….my own Holly and I went junking yesterday-her first time- and she really liked the chicken wire memo boards we saw. She was the excited one! MOM, can we make one of those? I haven't sold her on the white chippy look yet, she leaned toward the solid barn wood style, but I can't wait to make one for her.Mine – it will be all chippy just like the one you made. Or is that faux chippy?~Bliss~

  2. I have never heard of this technique, but I will be trying it on a little shelf I'm painting now. Copycat here! thank you SO much for sharing. It looks so cute!!♥Linsey

  3. I really love that project! It looks perfect as a backdrop for your star tied with burlap ribbon. I've never seen that technique before using vaseline like that. That's really neat! I also never would've thought to use the back side of the frame instead either. Smart!

  4. Now that is just amazing! I was just trying figure out how I could do that exact same thing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique using Vaseline. Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. Wow – this turned out great! I was wondering how people use the baseline technique so thanks for sharing how you did it. I really like how you hung it on the old door when you were finished too.

  6. Holly, Great find! I love the frame and what you did with it. I love using the vasaline technique it's the best for chippy goodness. It totally adds to your Cute door. Great job! I am so glad you visit my blog. I love seeing what you post you do. Have a great week. I wish we lived close we would have so much fun shopping for \”junky treasures\” together wouldn't we.. Have a great day :)I hope you didn't mind me putting your door picture on my blog. I wrote up a little more about you and your blog and told people to come to your blog to \”pin\” your pictures. Thanks,Lindsay @ Country Girl Home

  7. What a creative way to spruce up a frame… brilliant! And, I love how you can change it out at a moments notice. xoso Sandy

  8. I almost didn't recognize it! You took the flaws and made them assets. I like that you also painted the chicken wire!-Revi

  9. This is fantastic. I have never heard of the Vaseline technique. You can rest assure I will be trying this sometime. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  10. I love using chicken wire in old windows and frames. Yours looks great. I, for one, have never ever seen vaseline used this way. Fabulous technique, my friend.

  11. Love it!!!!! I never heard of that technique. I must try that one. I live the burlap bow with the star. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower. I hope you can visit me sometime too:) I am pinning this. I am new to Pinterest.

  12. It looks awesome! I've never tried the Vaseline trick…definitely will add to my must try list. 🙂

  13. How cool is that??? I love this technique, Holly! So easy and so convincing! It probably wouldn't work as well if you paint the item with a brush, right….?? xoxo laurie

  14. Your chippy frame is fantastic. I haven't heard of the vaseline technique, but I can't wait to try it. I'm a new follower.

  15. Hello. Did you put the Vaseline over the entire frame or only in certain areas?

  16. Did you realize that this is a empire frame, which dates it to before the civil war? It's a shame that it was in a salvage place and not cared for as it should have been. Your technique is great and it is wonderful that you shared it. I just wish people were more educated on their antiques. You may have already know all of this and not cared. In my part of the country it is hard to find old antiques from this period.

  17. I have never heard of this magical trick. I can't wait to try. So innovative turning the frame around! Clever. I am new to your blog. I will have to thoroughly see what all you have been up to. You have a lovely sense of style.Thanks so much for posting several pictures and detail shots of the project. It really helps to see what is going on.

  18. Wow I love how this turned out. I'm so using this technique for sure. I usually use a candle and run it where I want the paint to look chippy – but this looks so much easier. Thank you for showing us how

  19. How neat. I would never have thought to use the BACK side of the frame. Love the way it turned out. Im now following you. Thanks for sharing.

  20. this is great!! perfect back of frame to start with..off to see more techniques by you.thanks to pinterest posts….=)blessingsbarb

  21. commented on this before, and still love it….?? your burlap ribbon looks very soft. what I have found is stiff and hard to work with. (4\” ribbon/jute)what is yours and/or where did you get it??thanks so much.wonderful year…blessings in 2013

  22. When applying the vaseline is it a thin coat over entire surface or just around the edges?

  23. I love the rustic scich! and I love the frames! a good project simple but effective .. anchio these days I'm finishing a project .. come and browse! kisses

  24. A ninetieth century ogee mahogany veneer Empire frame. I've seen them submerged in a pond to soak off vaneer hopelessly more chipped than that, to get to the pine underneath, and refinish it with the warmth of orange shellac. But I've never seen anyone staple chicken wire to the front of one of them. Maybe it's not too late for reclaiming the pine?

  25. I have yet to try the vaseline aging. Your frame turned out awesome! I'll have to try this soon. I'd love it if you would share this at \”What We Accomplished Wednesday,\” at Green Willow Pond, if you care to. It is live Tuesdays at about 6:00 EST. Have a great weekend!Deborah

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