Distress Wood With A Razor Blade

As I was doing a bit of Christmas clean up, I wanted to do something to our TV console because it was so dark.  I didn’t want to see all the “electronics”.

My husband wanted a console that had NO doors so the stereo system would respond to the remotes etc – etc….

This space doesn’t work well for switching out cd’s anyway so I’ll move that stuff to a new place where we can relax and listen to music.

I planned to make a burlap knot cloth to cover up the opening of the console.  Then I remembered that I had picked up a wood dresser last summer for $5 at a tag sale.
  It was in the garage buried under “stuff”.

I can be impatient when it comes to putting a room together.
I like to put it together fast, easy and with what I already have.
So I quickly sanded the chest of drawers with 120 grit sand paper
 and my hand sander.
I usually have white spray paint on hand and luckily I had two cans. Whew!
(I wasn’t going to get cleaned up or even get out of my pajamas for that matter
– just to go to the store for spray paint)
Once the paint was on I let it dry mostly.
I wanted this piece to be rough and chipped and have lots of wood showing through.
I didn’t want to sand it because I’d have to wait a bit longer for the paint to dry.
It was about 2 degrees outside so the drying process was way slow anyway.
So – I took a plain old razor blade and started scraping lengthwise with the grain.
Peel paint – wipe blade.  Peel paint – wipe blade.
I used a little sandpaper at the end in a few areas.

I love the look of a dresser in a living room.  The storage is nice too.
There it is:
I started at 9 am and had that puppy back in my house painted by 11am.
see another way to distress wood here


36 Replies to “Distress Wood With A Razor Blade”

  1. I LOVE this.. What a brilliant idea.. SO creative and pretty.. I've been meaning to get a go on a project like this with a dresser I have, you INSPIRED me.. I might get started this weekend.. : )) (Hope you can link this great feature tomorrow via Pin'Inspirational Thursday..) ..Have a great day..Xo Marilyn

  2. OMG Holly, that came out PERFECT! I love it. In the first photo I was eyeing the cabinet to the left of the fireplace and thinking, she needs something similar to that for the t.v. Well, guess you thought the same thing! Thanks for the razor blade tip. I'll add that to my \”arsenal of destruction\”. :-)BTW, a 2 hour tranformation including final placement in its new spot? You rock!

  3. You go girl! I love to get things done and really don't like waiting, so what you did was right up my alley.Love the razor blade look. Thanks for sharing that tip. Looks great!!

  4. I've got just ONE word for ya……FANTASTIC!! I love projects like this that I could actually do. I love the style of that dresser with the big fat knobs on it. The white contrasts nicely with the black tv too. I would've never thought to use a razor blade to distress it. Thanks so much for sharing another one of your trademark creations!

  5. I love your blog!!! I love your style! I am looking at getting an island much like the one you have in your kitchen but I can't decide if my kitchen is big enough for an island. The one I'm looking at is a smaller scale than yours…do you mind telling me how big your kitchen is? I'm trying to get an idea of the size compared to mine. Also, I want board and batten up on all of my walls much like the kind you have in the living room (I think). Is your's faux and if so, are you happy with it? Sorry I have had 20 questions! YOur house has inspired me! btw, love the doors and windows!

  6. Great job, Holly; it looks terrific! And who would have guessed that it took so little time to accomplish such beauty?! Is hubby pleased? Thanks so much for linking to Time Travel Thursday last week. Be sure to come by tonight, and see yourself featured. Why not link this lovely piece while you're there? ;)Happy New Year!Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  7. Wow, impressive! I can't believe that only took you two hours! I have several pieces that need a paint job. I've been putting it off, but I just got motivated to give it a go! Thanks :)And, thanks for leaving me a sweet comment!!

  8. Fantastic job! Sounds like you're alot like me when it comes to being impatient with decorating! lol! Your new way of distressing really worked out well! I'm remembering that one! :)xoxo laurie

  9. Wow, great job! I found you through Savvy Southern Style's Link Party. I'm your newest follower!maxwellhouseinteriors.blogspot.com

  10. You dresse is great! I re did a french style dresser to use as a media cabinet myself. I took out a drawer for the cable box and store all my electronic \”stuff\” in the drawers. I'd like to try your razor blade method on my next project. I've been putting it off but now I'm inspired by you.I invite you to view my dresser on my blog.Thanks for sharing,Diddie

  11. I love it! Out of curosity I once distressed a project with a razor blade. After about 5 seconds I was hooked. I love the way it distresses and I think you have so much more control on the amount of distressing compared to sand paper. I can't believe you got a dresser for $5!!! LUCKY!

  12. OMG! This is amazing. I love the way it turned out. Using a razor …what a fabulous idea! Carolyn 🙂

  13. A razor blade–who'd a thunk it?? I gotta try this, it looks great on your piece. I am not very good at distressing the \”ordinary\” way, mainly because it takes so long. I want to get it done, and go do something else!!! Can't believe it was so quick, my kind of project.

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