Distress Wood With A Razor Blade

As I was doing a bit of Christmas clean up, I wanted to do something to our TV console because it was so dark.  I didn’t want to see all the “electronics”.

My husband wanted a console that had NO doors so the stereo system would respond to the remotes etc – etc….

This space doesn’t work well for switching out cd’s anyway so I’ll move that stuff to a new place where we can relax and listen to music.

I planned to make a burlap knot cloth to cover up the opening of the console.  Then I remembered that I had picked up a wood dresser last summer for $5 at a tag sale.
  It was in the garage buried under “stuff”.

I can be impatient when it comes to putting a room together.
I like to put it together fast, easy and with what I already have.
So I quickly sanded the chest of drawers with 120 grit sand paper
 and my hand sander.
I usually have white spray paint on hand and luckily I had two cans. Whew!
(I wasn’t going to get cleaned up or even get out of my pajamas for that matter
– just to go to the store for spray paint)
Once the paint was on I let it dry mostly.
I wanted this piece to be rough and chipped and have lots of wood showing through.
I didn’t want to sand it because I’d have to wait a bit longer for the paint to dry.
It was about 2 degrees outside so the drying process was way slow anyway.
So – I took a plain old razor blade and started scraping lengthwise with the grain.
Peel paint – wipe blade.  Peel paint – wipe blade.
I used a little sandpaper at the end in a few areas.

I love the look of a dresser in a living room.  The storage is nice too.
There it is:
I started at 9 am and had that puppy back in my house painted by 11am.
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