Up-Cycled & Natural Fall Mantel


Hello – I know this is rare for me to post twice in a week lately but I was excited to share a little fall with you. But not before my summer porch. If you missed that you can Click HERE.

A few weeks ago some Instagram friends decided to share a fall vignette together. That was good because otherwise I would not be ready for anything fall … because it’s still so stinkin’ hot here in Virginia.

Also, I am in no way ready to dig through the attic storage for my fall boxes for decorations. SO where did I go for my design?

Around my house and outside!!!!


I read a blog post from HOMEROAD last week and the timing was perfect. I had just run into my old Jenga game and thought about tossing it out. But after seeing Susan create these cutie pumpkins out of Jenga pieces I knew they would go with my fall mantel vignette.

Here’s how:


You’ll need 9 Jenga pieces for each pumpkin. Glue 2 sets of 2 together and 1 set of three.


Then sandwich the trio inside the doubles and hot glue them together.


Dry brush paint them what ever color you like.


Cut a fallen branch into small pieces for the stems.


Hot glue the stems on top and wrap some spanish moss around it.

Aren’t they cute? Thank you for the inspo Susan @homeroad



I wanted height in my display so I went to the empty lot next to us and found a fallen tree. I cut three varied length pieces.

I soaked the wood in 1 part bleach and 3 parts water for 20 minutes. This is to get the bugs out and to lighten the wood.


Then let them dry out for a couple of hours in the sun or until they get nice and light.

I didn’t sand these or anything. I liked the bark on one of them and just left them natural.


Give them a stem and moss the same as the Jenga pumpkins.

I gathered pinecones to place around the pumpkins for an earthy vibe.

Are you wondering about the art?


OK….I am not an artist in a way that I can draw but guess what? A little imperfect pumpkin isn’t gonna hurt anyone.


It started with an old canvas print from the Goodwill.

I spray painted it black. Not too fully either. I wanted it to look a little worn.

After it dried I used chalk to draw out my pumpkin.


This just gave me a visual to go by. Clearly I added my own dimensions to it. But just trying to mimic it in the beginning got me started.

I used wall paint samples in green/gray tones with white. This painting technique will take you back to your middle school art class when you learned how to blend or shade.

You can’t screw it up!


Put all of your creations together and you get THIS!


A little closer look. Oh, I had these 1-2-3-4 candles from H&M home. The 31 nods to the fall holiday coming up … Halloween!


The glass vases are actually a Crate and Barrel item but I purchased them at the Goodwill last year. The stems in them are from a tree in our yard.

I literally spent no money on this mantel display because I had it on hand and of course, mother nature is the best at giving us all the beautiful things. (I may not even pull out the Halloween boxes from storage this year. (gasp!)


I’m having a lot of fun changing up the mantel since the TV is gone. I knew I would. Not once have I missed the TV being here.


Some simple DIY’s and elements from nature For the Win!

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Thank you for stopping by today. Hopefully the weather cools and we can sip cider and eat donuts around a cozy outdoor fire very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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