Summer Porch


Hello Friends!

I know some people are showing pumpkins on their porches right now but I took these photos in July to share with you. It’s how my front porch looked all summer long. I’m running a bit late for a summer porch reveal but it will turn fall soon.


Our porch is on the west side and it gets really hot out here in the afternoon to evening. Lots of plants like ferns get too hot.

The wisteria vine has grown like crazy this year and I am looking forward to her wild vines to provide a bit of shade.

The teak chairs fold up so I can store them easy. They aren’t too big for the porch and I like that I can move them around.


Our flag stayed here most of the summer too. I love it on our colonial style home. It blows in the wind and gives the porch a patriotic vibe that adds fun color.

(Our neighbors are having a garage built so we see a great big potty hut and an garbage in this view.)


I love to come out here in the morning with my coffee. It’s peaceful, usually but the lot across the street now has a house being built there. It’s kind of fun to watch it come together.

Did you travel much this summer?


We went to the Oregon coast this year and it was so beautiful. I loved the cool air and the mountains next to the ocean. It was absolutely incredible.

We just got back from a short trip to Utah too. We took a weekend to go see family. It’s the first time since Covid. It was fun but also a little sad. I missed my mom so much.


Instead of a wreath on the door I hung this thrifted basket with mountain daisies. The daisies are faux but I like the simplicity of all one floral. I usually change things up more often but our porch stayed just like this for months.

We installed a new door bell last summer ….


We thought about doing the Ring with a camera but I actually like the old fashioned kind.


While many are ready for fall, I am still enjoying summer. It’s still super hot and this is the first year in many that I am not sending kids off to school.

It feels very strange to be in this new phase in life. Adult children are great but I never want them to leave. The boys are taking a gap year after graduating high school and I am thankful.

Every time I pass by the high school or the school supplies at the store I get little tears.

Raising kids goes by so fast.

I hope you enjoyed your summer. I am looking forward to cooler weather and fall.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Chris Wells

I love your summer porch! Last year I was so ready for Fall, this year I am hanging on to summer. ❤️


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