Fall Entry {no pumpkins}

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Hello Bloggy Friends!

I am coming at ya for the second time this October. I know, what has gotten in to me? Right? Well, I’ll tell ya…. I have been listening to my favorite book ever. It’s called The Secret (link).

Have you read the book or seen the movie? I have done both but love listening to the book on Audilble the most. I am so much more motivated daily when I listen to even just a tiny bit of it.

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The successful people in the book say to do things that make you happy and you will attract happiness. I love blogging so here I am. I am happy!

Bring on the happiness!!!


I have been decorating for Fall in the entryway but without pumpkins and mums so far this year. My Summer foliage is still pretty healthy and I like the look of the coleus and that topiary tree (I think it’s called a Eugina Topiary. It requires full sun). I bought that topiary at Lowe’s on sale for half price in September. I only got it because it had so many new, healthy leaves growing. I maybe paid $13 for it. Once I tried growing them on our porch in our north facing house in Connecticut but they didn’t do well in all the shade.

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My wreath is a late Summer find too. It’s from Pier 1. I bought that one for half price in August. I thought it looked more Fall than Summer.

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I don’t know if I have shared here that I have been working part time at the local shop where I rent retail space. Another vendor moved in and brought in this vintage gumball machine. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and these things were all the rage. They sat in the entrances of all the stores I remember going to with my mom. I had to buy it!

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The gumball machine, rustic church pew along with the Sherpa blanket just look homey and comfortable to me. I also added a Rosemary topiary, and naturally, with the cooler weather we have warm vests and sweaters hanging here in the foyer.

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I shared on Instagram (link) that my sweet hubby wasn’t a big fan of my gold mirror gallery wall. I still wanted to conceal the utility accesses here like the cold air return, thermostat and doorbell so I really couldn’t give up the gallery all together.

In an effort to make the gallery wall less “complicated” feeling, I painted a select few pieces in shades of white to mute the contrast and let it flow more evenly with the wall color but still cover the buggy utility accesses.

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It’s no longer a statement wall but with the contrasting french doors and bench area it blends a little better with the muted tones.

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Foyers can get super crowded in colder weather with coats, boots and umbrellas so simplifying part of this area works. There is plenty of contrast and character right as you walk in the house.

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Pretty soon I am going to paint our front door. I am considering lime green or raspberry colors. Do you have an opinion? The great thing about our house color, which is Cocoon by Sherwin Williams is that it goes with so many colors – melon, mustard, white, blue, red, grey, pink – you name it – it could work.

What color would you choose for the front door if it were yours? Please share in comments. Also, visit my Instagram page for more updates and story shenanigans.

Eventually I will add pumpkins to this porch but I am definitely skipping mums this year. Hope you are finding inspiration to make your own porch and entry all your own.

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Happy Fall Y’all!

(BTW – if you are wondering what Maya is wearing on her collar it’s an electric fence component. We use a beeping noise along the lines of her boundaries marked with flags to remind her stay home. It keeps the pups safe.)

Enjoy this beautiful week we have been given and make the most of every minute.