Natural Cedar Wood Accent Wall

When my family and I lived in Connecticut we had several cedar trees in our wooded backyard. A few of them died and my husband cut them down. The smell of cedar is heavenly. I brought some branches into the house to display on our fireplace hearth because of the beauty and natural scent.

So back in February when I received an email from Cedar Safe, a company that distributes natural cedar planking used for closets and much more, I responded with a YES! I will blog about your product.

These boxes arrived promptly within a few days. It took me a while to get to this project but this stuff is amazing.

The benefit of keeping insects away alone is worth a lot to me. When we look at homes to purchase I always look for a window inside the master bedroom closet because closets can get musty so easily. I believe this new plank wall will help with that stale scent.

Cedar has a reddish tint to it. Since it’s the natural color of the tree I can tolerate the reddish hue.

I ordered enough for one wall in our closet. When I opened the first box of planks the aroma filled our home and immediately the boys recognized what that wonderful smell was. Both of my kids said it reminds them of our yard in CT.

Look how beautiful it turned out! It is so simple to apply and requires few tools.

I chose to do just one wall but you can cover your entire closet walls, ceiling and floors. It comes in tong and groove so it’s easy to apply. You only need a hammer, tri-square and hand saw. A miter box would be helpful if you don’t have a miter saw. I happen to have a miter saw and a nail gun so my project went super fast.

I hope the smell lasts forever….

I thought of a few more ideas to do with this product:
What about lining your dresser drawers or storage trunks like the one in the photo below? Making a plank wall for a headboard? Panel any room or closet vertically or horizontally? The options are endless. See the website for pricing and more product information HERE.

This is not a paid advertisement but a BIG thank you goes out to Cedar Safe for providing the wood for this project.
Check it out!
Did you have a fun Spring Break? We sure did even though the weather was super yucky. We met up with some friends that we don’t get to see very often.
We went to Bethany Beach in Delaware and stayed in a beautiful house on the water.
The sunshine didn’t peek through once! lol – But we were so happy to reunite with friends.
That’s my BFF, Jen, from CT! Mazi even went with us (she is not posing very well here, surprisingly).
As soon as we got home the sun came out and the temperature went up about 30 degrees. That’s ok.
Happy Spring!
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Nothing beat having a cedar closet, thanks for the link 🙂

Linda - Behind My Red Door

We had cedar closet in another home and once a year I took extra fine sandpaper and rubbed it down to refresh the surface and renew the scent. This post was blast from the past for me as well!

Coastal Cottage Dreams

Oh I love the smell of cedar. I have a friend that has a cedar closet in her master, it is absolutely gorgeous! happy Spring!