New Floor to Ceiling Wood Fireplace Wall

Guess what?! The boys moved the TV off of our fireplace hearth!


Now I can show you what I did to the fireplace wall bump out in our family room.

Let’s look back at what it looked like before.

It was fine…meahh! (major TV blockage)

I wanted to bring the same treatment from our kitchen island (HERE) to the family room – which – basically, is the same room with our open concept floor plan.

So here is what that room looked like BEFORE.

Then – After!
(I bought Mazi a more comfortable, fluffy rug to lay on from Wayfair – Link)
OK – a little announcement here.
Marc finally got a grand piano!
A dream come true! Let’s all say YAY together!!!!
It’s amazing to have music back in our house again! I wish I could explain the feeling in words.
In the last couple of years our lives have felt so uprooted with the move to and from Utah, living in an apartment while we built this house and with my sweet mama passing away – things have felt extremely different and quite frankly – sad, bad and just – not quite right.
When the piano came and got set up this week, my husband started playing music that he has played for me for our whole marriage. Ben, one of our sons, joined in with his violin and I was reminded that, though so much has changed, there are many things that are still the same.
The one thing that holds strong now is our little family. The four of us.
I do feel fortunate to have these boys in my life. My husband and I have been together a long time (link HERE). Memories flow through me with the beautiful and familiar music he plays.
I am truly grateful.
I like walking through the foyer into this sun filled living space and seeing that rustic dark wood fireplace accent wall right in the middle and then the formal-ish piano right next to it.
The mix of rustic and refined spells – my style!
I love it!
The gallery wall is still up in the foyer hall and I’ve added to it a little bit.
I am trying not to decorate with too much. Sometimes the more things you put in a space the more complicated it can feel.
I haven’t really gotten anything new for the walls so I am just sticking with ornate mirrors and frames.
I like the mantel this way but, to be honest, I simplified it shortly after I took these pictures.
The black box there on the right end is our Sonos thing. We listen to music and podcasts on it.
Better than having the TV up there, right?
The mantel felt too tall as it was originally built so I removed one cedar 4×6 board and brought the top shelf down a few inches
For extra support I screwed in these iron brackets on each end. The brackets blend with the dark wood.

The weeping figs on either side of the deep colored wall bump out make the space feel homey.

All the sun light in here is a perfect welcome for the living greens. They love the sun.

For now, this is what works for us.

A new home takes a lot of time to figure out how each space works best for living, especially when there are options. My family and I are humbled in knowing we have these options here.

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Thanks for reading!

Much love,

9 Replies to “New Floor to Ceiling Wood Fireplace Wall”

  1. Holly the piano is just gorgeous and made for that spot. How fabulous that you will have your hubby's beautiful music from this wonderful piece. What a great addition to your new home. Just beautiful.Hugs,Kris

  2. I think it turned out beautiful. Everything just lends a richness that's hard to imagine in a brand new house. You truly have a gift for pulling things together. My favorite part of your post was the mental images of the moves back and forth and through the years, but always together. We are struggling right now with a recent death of my mother-in-law, leaving my 95 year old father-in-law feeling adrift. On top of that, medical problems and a desire to relocate. Sometimes it feels like too much piled on, and then it's nice to read that others have been through struggles too and made it through together.

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