An Office for Her

I have struggled with an idea of what to make of this front room. We had french doors put here because it’s just off the foyer. The model home of our builder had one similar to this and I thought it was super pretty.

I liked the option of making it a music room or parlor but mostly I envisioned my parents coming to stay with us and this would be a guest space for them to stay with a bathroom right next to it. No stairs to climb and the kitchen is close by. I planned on putting some curtains on the inside for privacy.
Years ago I saw a home that I fell in love with that had a bedroom near the entry and for some reason it struck me as super cozy.
We tried making it a guest room and it was a great place to take a nap since it gets a lot of natural light. But all we used it for was taking cat naps in the middle of the day. It was so inviting but very unproductive.
Here are some photos that I never got around to sharing while we had it set up as our “napping room”.
Of course, if there is a cozy spot in our home you can guarantee Ms. Mazi will be right there.
Once we had the queen bed set up in here it seemed too crowded and a waste of space since we really don’t host guests often, if at all.
Since my sweet Momma passed away this year my Dad doesn’t want to travel as much and really, this was going to be their room (sigh). It made me too sad.
Plus – I needed a work space to call my own.
So once I decided where all the big furniture was going to go I rallied up my boys to help shift it all around … again.
Partly what inspired the design of this room were a few new items I picked up. Well, one new and a few old.
This rug is from Ballards, it’s new. I love the black and white document print that follows the color scheme of my whole house.
I have my favorite rocking chair in here (mostly for Mazi) and a small round table to place a drink on or my current read.
Just for storage we keep this old dresser here that looks pretty rough, which is a good thing, but the drawers don’t slide in and out great so it’s not a good bedroom piece.
Across from that rocking chair is a Goodwill find – the arm chair. It looks like it’s been recovered but maybe the previous owner had a cat that scratched the lower fabric. I don’t care about that. It was $20 and it doesn’t stink. I washed it up with Resolve. The linen color was so versatile that I couldn’t pass it up.
This little desk was only $28, also from Goodwill. I love the bottom shelf. It’s old and needs to be refinished but I like it’s authentic old look. The only problem is that I don’t love it’s authentically old, musty smell so…I just light a candle.
A bit of pumpkin spice covers it right up.
The view from the inside of this room is the foyer hall.
I have switched the Gallery Wall up because with the weather being hot, then cold, then hot again we were messing with the thermostat a lot. It had been hidden behind a mirror. What a dumb place to put a thermostat, right in the center of the main foyer wall. Now you can see it, which I don’t like, but at least we can change the temperature more easily.
I skipped a blog post the whole month of October this year. Not really on purpose. It seemed like nothing was put together because we moved not only this room around but the piano and dining table switched up too.  I will share those rooms soon. However, just in case you think you are missing something – you can view brief but more frequent views of this house/my life on Instagram HERE.
Thanks for dropping by my sweet friends!
Have a wonderful week!
See HIS Office HERE
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I love it as a napping room but it is so much more useful as an office space for you. Now you have a cozy part of the house to have for computer time. Your taste are always so beautiful in your decor. I just swoon every time I get a post from you. I think it is good that you found a better use for this beautiful space. French doors Yes!!!! Love them!!!!Hugs,Kris

Carol Bartlett

A napping room! Love it!