Framing Progress and Kitchen Selections

Hi Friends!
Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!

This post has been sitting here unfinished for a few weeks. This time of year is so busy. I don’t feel bad saying that I am so glad it’s over.
We put up a little artificial tree, supposedly it’s 6 feet tall.
This season seemed busier than it should have. I helped out at the Daisy a little bit, which was fun, I had to finalize several selections on the house and…. well, I could go on but in the end I just wasn’t organized. 
To be honest, this Christmas has been a really emotional one for me. I think the whole realization of our move away from family hit me super hard. I missed being part of the celebrations with our siblings, their families and our parents.
Also, thinking back on years past with my kids always gets the tears flowing.  I have been able to spend more time with them lately, watching them study so hard for exams, attending Christmas performances, we went shopping together – this holiday break has been amazing in that way. They have become such responsible young men. It was a struggle going from little boys to young men with so much change going on for them in the last few years. But at this point I can say – it’s all going to be OK. They are so enjoyable to be around and I can see that they are respectful and polite not only to me but to others. I feel super grateful and proud of them both.
I love my boys!!!!
The house is coming along too. 
The framers have been working hard. One day the boys and I took them some donuts and a case of waters. It has been super cold and even snowed. Those guys didn’t even miss one day of work!
Do you remember when I talked about how we were disappointed about the number of stairs to the porch?
Well, Marc started calling it Machu Picchu..
This is the real Machu Picchu…

This photo of MachuPicchu Center is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Funny – right?!

Now that the house sits on the foundation it doesn’t have quite that look or feel as much.

Sometimes it helps to laugh at things that might otherwise be annoying. Some things will be exactly right and some things won’t.

Here is what’s happening inside.

The kitchen is signed off on. I chose white upper cabinets and Java stained bottoms.

The photo above is the wall that faces our family room. I imagined these cabinets looking a lot different when we began our design but after trying to communicate what I wanted and then paying for any customization – it wasn’t worth it. I think the storage of the upper cabinets will be the best choice in the end.

I read that open shelving looks amazing in pictures but they don’t function well. I imagined the hood to be a chimney shape but it’s price tag was a lot and it seemed too small for the space.

The fridge and oven cabinets will match the base cabinets in a dark stain.

And this is the island.

I love the way it all lays out but let’s look at the wood colors side by side…

White uppers, Java base cabinets sitting on Spice Brown oak floors.
I like the contrast.
Yesterday I looked at counter tops. The natural granite choices are so pretty. I think I want a more solid looking color with a matte finish. I thought I would like a soft white or gray but I still gravitate to black. We’ll see how the estimates come back.
This was a quick update and a lack luster Christmas post that I have rewritten a few times but I just had to pop in before the years end to wish you all a very happy 2018!
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