2022 and Snow


Happy New Year!

The holidays flew right by and I didn’t even finish decorating for Christmas.

It was in the 70’s the week of Christmas here in Virginia. It was so warm it didn’t feel like the holidays. But we got lucky and it snowed yesterday. I left the tree up so we could enjoy the whole winter scene.


The family all had the day off so it was pretty special to get one more day of enjoying the season and have it actually feel like Christmas.


All the presents are opened and put away. We never did get the ornaments on the tree. But we still enjoyed the twinkle.

Our Christmas looked a little different this year. The boys turned 19 years old and they are out of high school so we decided that Santa doesn’t need to come for Christmas anymore.

We just put all the presents under the tree as they got wrapped. It was actually a lot of fun.


The porch just got birch logs and lanterns along with some real and faux greens. I loved how simple it was and it still looks good for winter.


I took this photo in the storm from across the street. The snow was so magical.

For exterior lights we just did welcome candles in the windows and some wreaths and I loved that being simple this year too.


The foyer had very little going on too except for garlands and some greens.

I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year. I share a lot differently than I used to, I get that. Life changes a lot as your kids grow up. I feel like my energy is put into other things more than redecorating my house all the time. But I like to keep current here so you can see how things evolve with time.

For a little while I wondered what was wrong with me. Why didn’t I have that drive to create and make as much as I used to? I decided to embrace this phase because I realized that I already do have this house set up in a cozy way for how we live. My mind is occupied with the wellness of my family and less about the look of our home right now.


And even though our tree didn’t get ornaments this year we still made some fun memories around it … and for that – I am thankful.

Our tree is from King of Christmas. It’s such a beautiful shape and stands 9 feet tall. I think it’s time to bring her down. What do you think? Are you ready for the new year?


Weather we are ready or not the seasons change, life is ever changing and we have no choice but to embrace it.

Be safe and stay cozy this January!



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Hello Holly – its lovely to see your post pop up & even more lovely to see the snow as we sit here sweltering in very hot temperatures. Your tree & every thing else looks so wonderful & it sounds like you have got your priorities just right. The boys grow so fast & will one day have left home & then I am sure your motivation for your home decorating will return … but for now it is so important to put your time into them & your precious family. Sending warmest wishes across the oceans & the miles… Read more »

Nana Diana

Holly, I feel the same way- I didn’t have the drive this year that I have had in years past. Right now we have 5 family members with Covid. One in serious condition that has been in hospital for 6 weeks (ex SIL that we love). My oldest son/youngest son and both their wives have Covid. All are recovering. I have picked up some kind o bug and not been all that great since just before Christmas. It’s a strange time of life for all of us, isn’t it? Your house looks beautiful-inside and out—ornaments on the tree or not.… Read more »