I Do Clean My Kitchen


Nothing motivates me to clean my house more than getting caught with it a “freaking” mess!
(I can say “freaking” because I am originally from UTAH)
We had friends stop over last night to pick up an order and I don’t know what possessed me to invite them in for a drink.
My house was a WRECK – and that’s an under statement.
Here’s a little glimpse but promise not to PIN this one… ha!
Oh good, it’s even blurry.
(I’m hoping Santa is a Down to Earth Style blog fan so he can realize how badly
I need a new camera.)
another blurry shot of a disaster
A burlap wreath making station sits behind this “not so favorite” sofa and if you’ve made those wreaths you know how messy they are.
I went shopping yesterday so I was in the middle of sorting all the gifts out on my table.
  I have to ship them TODAY! 
So this post is for my friends who see my house in a “not so lovely” state..
Oh – so that’s what my table looks like.

a distressed painted rug under my handcrafted island
old milk boxes hold my pan lids and cloths
Remember my pantry door?
kids school work station – keeps me organized  — :/
 I found this match holder ($10) at an antiques shop in town.
My boy, Ben, collects coins and he makes us go there all the time.
He calls this store
“Buying Gold and Silver”
-my husband and I laugh every time-
(there is a sign out front that says that but I’m not sure what the real name of the place is)
Anyway – At least I thought to take pictures when the kitchen was clean.
(even though some of the photos aren’t so great quality – right Santa?)

Happy Christmas Mess Making…
and Happy Cleaning!
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[…] ~ Providence Olive by Ben Moore (muddy and earthy) It was our kitchen color in Connecticut HERE. […]

Nancy Davis

Holly its like you were hit by tonado.. but don’t worry still your house is the prettiest. I guess I need to post my pics in my blog (visit here) the before and after new year. Its worst like there are running rhinos in our house.Thanks,Nancy

8 bedroom house plans

It's crystal clear to me. I get what your point is.


I just found your blog from the charm Of home. I love your kitchen especially the table & island. Whoever did you get those???

Jamie Vigil

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your decor style and ideas. I saw the bedroom makeover and that was enough to get me hooked and now the kitchen shots. WOW! I'm a huge fan and a follower!

Amy Kinser

I love your kitchen. That cabinet with the number 63 on it is awesome. You have to tell me about the number 63. That was my husband's football number in high school and now 63 and 9 are my favorite numbers. Tell me…You have a great style, my friend. Just signed up to follow you.


I love your kitchen!! Did you guys paint it yourself and if so can you tell me what paint color you used? Our granite is pretty close to yours and I love the color of your cabinets with the granite. Also love all your vintage touches 😉


I just started following your blog recently and have to say I just LOVE your entire house! Thanks so much for showing your messes!! I've been cleaning all morning wondering how in the world it gets this way. Misery loves company don't ya know! 🙂


I love your kitchen. This time, I noticed the hanging mug rack on the side of your kitchen cupboard. It's unique. Can I ask where you found it?


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reminding us \”non-bloggers\” that those of you who do blog about your GORGEOUS houses are actually real people with family that make messes and such:) I absolutely love your style- messy or not:)


This is my first time to your blog. Iam in love with your home. You've just got fun little touches everywhere. Off to look around some more.


Your house is quite lovely and the mess wasn't that bad at all! Your kitchen is amazing! ~ Jamie


My house is always magically spotless about 3 hours after company drops in and sees it looking like a tornado has ripped through. I don't know why I bother; it's not like they're going to drop back in 4 hours later, but I have to prove to myself that I can have a clean house, haha. Yours is lovely, with or without stuff on the table 🙂 Following along now.

Wendy @HerBallistic Garden

Your home is beautiful! But, it's nice to know mine isn't the only one that turns into a train wreck when I'm crafting…I actually had to clear a space for hubby to read the morning paper yesterday! Hahahaha! xo


Thank You for Being Transparent!Life is always going on around us and it goes by so fast,so its good to see that your not sweating the small \”stuff\”. Deidre~

Sweet Annabelle

Your kitchen is LOVELY! Wonderful wood and patina shining out from every surface. That looked like a happy, busy, living home to me! Enjoy it – either way! Merry Christmas!


oh, I wish my kitchen looked that good!!!!!


Aren't people sweet? Elizabeth – move in across the street – there's a great house for sale here in CT!!!


I think your house is SO unique and pretty! Don't worry about the mess on the table. I actually enjoy seeing how people REALLY live. It makes me feel normal. My kitchen table is usually full of stuff too and my sofa is usually a mess after the dog jumps on there and wants to play tug of war. I adore your kitchen. The handmade island and floor cloth, the pantry door, the chalkboard, the table. It's all so different. That's what makes your house so appealing. It's what attracted me to your blog. You've been able to take a… Read more »

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Thanks for keeping it real! We have those times too, more than the 'pretty' pictures times. If Santa doesn't get the message, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors blog has a great point and shoot camera series for tips. Although I think your photos are pretty. I added your blog to my favourites sidebar so I'm hoping you get lots of traffic from there.