I Do Clean My Kitchen


Nothing motivates me to clean my house more than getting caught with it a “freaking” mess!
(I can say “freaking” because I am originally from UTAH)
We had friends stop over last night to pick up an order and I don’t know what possessed me to invite them in for a drink.
My house was a WRECK – and that’s an under statement.
Here’s a little glimpse but promise not to PIN this one… ha!
Oh good, it’s even blurry.
(I’m hoping Santa is a Down to Earth Style blog fan so he can realize how badly
I need a new camera.)
another blurry shot of a disaster
A burlap wreath making station sits behind this “not so favorite” sofa and if you’ve made those wreaths you know how messy they are.
I went shopping yesterday so I was in the middle of sorting all the gifts out on my table.
  I have to ship them TODAY! 
So this post is for my friends who see my house in a “not so lovely” state..
Oh – so that’s what my table looks like.

a distressed painted rug under my handcrafted island
old milk boxes hold my pan lids and cloths
Remember my pantry door?
kids school work station – keeps me organized  — :/
 I found this match holder ($10) at an antiques shop in town.
My boy, Ben, collects coins and he makes us go there all the time.
He calls this store
“Buying Gold and Silver”
-my husband and I laugh every time-
(there is a sign out front that says that but I’m not sure what the real name of the place is)
Anyway – At least I thought to take pictures when the kitchen was clean.
(even though some of the photos aren’t so great quality – right Santa?)

Happy Christmas Mess Making…
and Happy Cleaning!