Lightening Up the Black Door

Last spring our front door was black. I like the contrast with the white house numbers and the forsythia wreath. You can’t go wrong with black.

I am ready for some lighter colors so I taped off the sides and door handle with frog tape. It works so great that there is no need to even bother with blue painters tape ever again.
I started out with a paint color called Artichoke by Valspar, a lovely color. The best brush for this project is a 2 inch angled brush with a short handle.
So here is what happened once the artichoke color was on the door.
It matched the house siding a little too much. So you can see I am testing out a gray that I purchased off the shelf.
Satin Classic Grey – sounds good.
Not exactly…all I could see was blue. Don’t you think that is blue?
So I did my own mix with black, gray and Weathersfield Moss by Ben Moore.
Now it looks like this. I like it enough to put a ‘welcome’ word on it.
Printed with my Cricut on sticky vinyl. Lyrics – Connected font if you are wondering.
My picture from farther away just looks like glass glare – but the color is much better than blue.
Soon I will be adding some colorful flowers in urns, as soon as our weather finally decides which season we are actually in.
Here in Virginia we have 2 degree days one week and the next week it’s 70 degrees. Very interesting but I won’t complain. I love the break from the cold.
Are you ready for spring?