Lightening Up the Black Door

Last spring our front door was black. I like the contrast with the white house numbers and the forsythia wreath. You can’t go wrong with black.

I am ready for some lighter colors so I taped off the sides and door handle with frog tape. It works so great that there is no need to even bother with blue painters tape ever again.
I started out with a paint color called Artichoke by Valspar, a lovely color. The best brush for this project is a 2 inch angled brush with a short handle.
So here is what happened once the artichoke color was on the door.
It matched the house siding a little too much. So you can see I am testing out a gray that I purchased off the shelf.
Satin Classic Grey – sounds good.
Not exactly…all I could see was blue. Don’t you think that is blue?
So I did my own mix with black, gray and Weathersfield Moss by Ben Moore.
Now it looks like this. I like it enough to put a ‘welcome’ word on it.
Printed with my Cricut on sticky vinyl. Lyrics – Connected font if you are wondering.
My picture from farther away just looks like glass glare – but the color is much better than blue.
Soon I will be adding some colorful flowers in urns, as soon as our weather finally decides which season we are actually in.
Here in Virginia we have 2 degree days one week and the next week it’s 70 degrees. Very interesting but I won’t complain. I love the break from the cold.
Are you ready for spring?

22 Replies to “Lightening Up the Black Door”

  1. Oh that did look more blue than grey! I like your mixed color much better. I really love that \”Welcome\” on the door. I need a cri-cut or a Silhouette or something. So you hand painted the whole door as opposed to spraying it? I just picked up one of those short handled brushes and I'm hoping I love it!

  2. Looks awesome, girl! I love the Welcome on the door…and isn't this weather crazy! I'm ready for some more 70 degree days!

  3. I agree – the grey looked blue. Love BM Weathersfield Moss…I painted our front door that color! I really like your custom color…not sure I'd been patient enough to paint my door three times lol. Oh yes! So ready for Spring. We, too, are experiencing warm days followed by cold ones. Nice to have the break!

  4. The new colour looks great!! Isn't fun to just change the door colour whenever you feel like it? I do and it drives my hubby nuts!! Oh well!!

  5. I love the final color you chose for your front door. I bet you were feeling frustrated to keep having to repaint it though. I've actually used that satin classic grey color before on a piece of furniture and felt the same way as you. Too blue! I think they should take the word grey off of it!

  6. Holly the door looks great and how brave to just mix color to come with what you liked. Me on the other hand, would have just kept buying cans of paint until I got what I wanted. Mazi is looking a bit nosey looking out the door. I'll tell you she is such a ham.Cynthia

  7. Painting a door once is enough work so kudos to you for sticking with it to find that lovely mixed colour. We still have freezing cold temps and huge snowbanks. I am so wanting Spring to arrive.

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