Carytown Inspiration for Home & Life

Hello All!
I took my son to the city this morning, by his request. We live near Richmond, VA and one of our favorite streets to stroll here is Cary Street.
Always amazing inspiration here – always!
This town was shattered during the Civil War but the original remaining buildings downtown are really something to see.
There is an artisan feel to this town along with some deep roots in our nation’s history.
Every time we visit the city I feel so inspired to express myself in my own unique way – only a little more creatively.
All the bravely painted exterior brick, fun colors, creative shop names, along with an enormous diversity in the human population here make me feel like I can be any way I want to be and it’s all OK.
I don’t have to conform to anything! Neither do my kids.
I think that is what draws me and my family to this part of the country. For some reason, we can be whomever we please.
I admit that I am no fashionista when it comes to my clothing, certainly because most of what I wear becomes “paint clothes” in no time at all. However, when I see these vintage shops and trending styles in clothing I want to reinvent my wardrobe and personal style too.
How I wish I were 21 again.
Fancy, formal mirrors, flowing long skirts, vintage tops and bright pink rain boots sound great to me today! I feel like I could put any or all of that together and I would be flamboyantly expressing my mood.
You know I am a black, white and khaki girl through and through but some days – it feels good to imagine a funkier side of myself.
If I owned my own shop, would it be purple? Probably not, but I so appreciate the shop owner that is the purple and green girl on the block.
Me? No, but does it make me hungry? Yes!
Me? Not so much but it does make me want to add color to my black and white pallet – yes it does!
Yoga? No, but I will pause and drool over the industrial entrance to this fitness center.
Will I become a gaming fan? No, but I will let my son spend an hour or more checking out poker cards at this shop so I can buy myself time for hunting at the Goodwill Store on this street on our way out.
Since I am coming clean with some of my inner-style-fantasies today – can I tell you that I absolutely love black painted brick?
I really wanted a black house this go around. A real consideration! Check out my VA Build 2017 Pinterest Board (link HERE)- BLACK HOUSES! Yup! I love them!
I may have told you before but my wedding colors were black, off white and khaki green. Yes, that was even in the 90’s when a peach and teal wedding may have been quite a bit more on trend.
So, I am the same today as I always have been but I love a little inspiration to drive my style in a different direction…
If only for a Sunday morning in the city.
In honesty – I love what comes to my mind and spirit after a trip to a new place. I am thankful for all of the places I have been and lived.
I feel fortunate that I have finally found a place that gives me the permission to be myself – no certain ways that I have to conform to, no stigma to keep up with and for a time – the freedom to live as we see fit for our own family.
Drawing inspiration from where we are is a gift.
Tomorrow I pick out our wood flooring for our new house. I don’t feel like I have to follow a certain trend really.
I hope you find inspiration and freedom to express your style where you are. I will not take that for granted in my life again.
Happy October – see you again soon – with an update on our Tulip Hill Home aka House Tour 4!
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So hqppy to hear a young woman content to be herself,good path to stay on. There might be people who might not approve of your path but actually, who cares? There will always be somebody looking down their nose for somebody to disapprove of. After 77 yrs.on this planet have felt so much disapproval just cause I didn't go along with other people's ideas of what my life should be like, seems like was case no matter what I did. Now, too bad as we live nice quiet life and pay our bills. We have 4 chickens, dog/cat and live… Read more »

dorcas showalter

I love this!!! And I love being me, and do not like the influence that trending stuff can have on me. When I start feeling discontent with my things, I start accessing why I and I realize that trending stuff has been trying to influence me again. I love the stuff I have, and being me. We moved to the Patagonia of Chile a little over a year ago. Having just been to Uruguay in the last month, Colonia Uruguay needs to go on your bucket list of places to go to bring out the creative side and absolutely bask… Read more »

At Rivercrest Cottage

Had to laugh at your comment about your clothes being \”painting clothes\”. Everything I wear ends up \”painting clothes\”.

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Ms. Diana – you are an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for your dynamic, funny personality you grace us with here in blog land!


Good for you, Holly. I was a lot older than you are when I decided I could just be ME and not feel inadequate or that I was 'less than' or inferior if I didn't follow the trends. Now I am just ME and don't really care whether I meet the approval or others. Hope you have a great upcoming week. xo Diana