Wood Floor Color Choice

My wood flooring appointment took maybe 10 minutes max. I had an idea what I was looking for….brown. Just brown.
Three samples were pulled out to consider:
1 – Walnut
2 – Provincial
3 – Spice Brown
I liked the warm tones of Provincial.
I liked the lightness of Walnut.
I liked the brown-ness of Spice Brown.
Which one did I choose?


This picture was found on Houzz.com where I saved it for inspiration for our new floors.
Our floors are going to be site finished white oak and will cover the whole main floor except for the bathroom. We’ve had all wood on the main floor before and loved them (tour that home HERE). The only thing is that oak can yellow or turn more amber over time.
That is what lead me to choose…
 Spice Brown
The top color is what I chose – I want it to be a medium brown. It’s not nearly as dark as Dark Walnut or Jacobean, which are a couple of my favorite stain colors for furniture.
I am having the finish done in satin, not semi-gloss. I like it casual and informal.
Dark stained floors are hard to keep clean and I am not one to fuss much over sparkly floors. I hope this floor wears well and the upkeep is minimal. (see our house with dark kitchen floors HERE)
Next choices coming up are appliances, plumbing and lighting then on to the kitchen cabinets and tile.
Thanks for dropping in!
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Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.


Great choice. This is going to look so pretty. I am glad you did a satin too. It will look so rich.Hugs,Kris

Karen L. Bates

Great choice, not too dark and not too light. Satin is also your best choice, easy to keep clean and doesn't show everything. I'll be along to follow your new home process, thanks for sharing.


GREAT CHOICE, Holly. Our floors are just a tad lighter than that. I went with satin finish also. (Ask if they do a Swedish finish there) -it is a bit more and it is a satin finish but it is 'harder' and holds up to kids and dogs and all the hoopla that goes along with them. We did these floors 12 years ago and no one can believe how old they are. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana