Tulip Hill Lot Walk

Hello blog friends!

The building process is moving right along. This week we picked our exterior colors (link) and did our lot walk with the builder.

We met with the builder to see how our house is going to sit on the property (boring – I know).

There are lots of trees that will have to be cleared to fit the house here but the great thing is that our builder let us walk around back with him and choose which trees we wanted to keep. He tied orange tape around them.

When asked my opinion about how I want the backyard to look my response was “as rugged as possible”.  I hope I don’t regret that but I envision a self made fire pit, bird feeders and a forest feel back there. It may not quite be like a forest but I want to keep plenty of trees. Nothing too tidy.

There are a couple of Holly trees back here, some maples and a few mystery trees that I don’t recognize.

Some of the pine trees are super tall and according to the builder, it’s best to take them out because their root systems don’t go very deep. I don’t want one falling on our house during hurricane season. We can get some high winds here in VA.

I let the guys trek through the woods mostly because I know there are black snakes around here that I do not care to run into. That would give me nightmares (and I am pretty sure my reaction would create a scene that would leave a strange impression on the ears of those within a 6 mile radius).

Nothing too exciting or beautiful to see in this post except that sexy man in blue – that is my sweetheart.

The street signs are in and the whole place is getting developed nicely.

I got all tingly when I found out what our new address will be. That might sound goofy but it makes this whole thing feel a little more real.

You know I like to share my little pup with you here and there. When we got home Mazi couldn’t decide if she was going to smile or yawn but she surely was not going to jump off the sofa to greet us. She is the laziest dog I’ve ever had. Why would she be yawning? She slept the whole day!

Thanks for peeking in on the grungy end of things. These Tulip Hill posts might not be very pretty for several months but so long as the weather holds up through winter we are hoping to move in the spring.

Well, again, thanks for dropping in and have a super fun weekend!