Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello Friends! Happy long weekend – the last weekend of Summer. It’s rainy here and I have allergies so we are taking it super easy. That gives me a chance to update my blog page. I am sharing pictures of the shop where I sell my creations and I am also going to show you a sketch of our new house-to-be-built.

I have recently taken on more space at the shop. I love styling that place! I seriously do not have the energy or work space to keep up on the amount of furniture it takes to fill it but I am floating along.

While I show you these photos I want to tell you about last weekend. It was my 24 year wedding anniversary – for one, very exciting. My husband took my two boys and I up to Chincoteague VA where we saw wild horses! It was so gorgeous! I only have phone pictures but that was an amazing place.
One evening we took a trip up to Ocean City Maryland to see the beach and boardwalk. Guess what I saw there? A REAL shark!
I don’t know those guys but my husband and I were barely putting our feet in the water when these fishermen came so close to us and pulled this beautiful creature out of the water. I didn’t even scream! I was in aaawh! They let her go back, which I was so glad, but we didn’t put our feet even close to the water after that.
My boys missed it, they were riding the rides and we soon joined them. I still love a good laugh on amusement park rides. I felt like I was 12 years old again.
Last weekend was just a last little hurrah before the kids go back to school on Tuesday. The other exciting thing is that we have a drawing of our new house that I can share.
This sketch is a glimpse of our new home. We chose a colonial style. For some reason my honey and I thought it was a good idea to get the kids involved. My “cottage” idea went out the door so fast! One of my boys said – “Why are you going to make us live in a grandma house?”….first world problems….
After a lot of back and forth with pricing and all – this is what we are going with – I am super excited.
Anyway – back to my shop spaces.
A few weeks ago my parents came out to visit. We all stayed in Williamsburg, VA. A beautiful place! Guess what I made my family do? We hit thrift shops and more thrift shops and loaded and unloaded my van. Yes, my poor parents thought they were going to come here and relax. Haha – I was finding cool stuff left and right.
My garage is full of projects to paint and fix but the good news is….I got my camera up and running. I feel better about posting photos I have taken with that than my phone.
I am a little out of practice using my DSLR but you know I have never claimed to be any good at photography anyways. But here are a few more pictures and then you can run off and play.
OK…go have a fun Labor Day weekend and we can catch up again soon! Thanks for stopping by!

4 Replies to “Happy Labor Day Weekend!”

  1. Beautiful space, Holly. Love those doors! Are they part of the building or are they yours for sale? And your \”cottage\” has grown up! Wow, it will be awesome. I think you take great pictures!Jan

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I think the pics are great. In the top photo with the planter, did you put any paint on that? I have the same planter, that i bought from Lowes years ago. Its faded and when I saw that one, it gave me an idea. I was just wondering if you dry brushed a color on it or not. Thank you.

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