Finding Inspiration in Town & a Walk Down Memory Lane.

My family and I spent the weekend in Connecticut. We lived there for 10 years and we were craving a trip down memory lane. When our boys were a few months old we moved to Guilford, CT. Here are some pictures from around that town that influenced my decorating style in a big way.

In the neighborhoods there are no sidewalks. This place is called the Town Green where all kinds of fun events go on most weekends. I walked the kids here and brought our then dog Sadie to play here a lot. Around the Town Green are the cutest shops you have ever seen.

The Village Chocolatier…serving Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and super yummy chocolates.

While cruising the town I felt like I was on vacation. Coming from Utah, where I was used to seeing more modern buildings, chain stores and malls – this was a treat to my eyes.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the kids for long while we played at the Green so when the babies napped I would drive them around in the car so I could drool over the sweet shops and cottages from the street.

I may still have a credit card balance from this little place…LOL.

Seeing colored houses was new to me at the time. Out West the homes were brown….and various shades of more brown.

I just ooohhed and aaaaawhed at the architecture on these houses, some were turned into shops.

After strolling the quaint streets of our town I would go home and see all kinds of new potential in our 1950’s style ranch. Here is a picture of that place now –

Although these are the colors I had chosen to paint the house, my porch was never bare like this. The house is on the market today but looks a little abandoned.

I had a vine growing on the trellis but it’s no longer there. After my best efforts to make this home super charming, I decided to try my hands on something new so after we stayed here in Guilford for a few years we moved a couple of towns over to a new house which you can see a tour of in THIS POST. I went crazy with bringing in old cottage style to our new spec house.
We drove by that house too and it looks like a new little family is loving it to pieces. The trees are enormous now and it looks beautiful. Lots of fun memories here.

I have more pictures to share of our cute little town but I will save that for another day. But while I am showing our old houses I will share the one picture I got of the home where we lived in Delaware. We had to drive through the area and we wanted to show the boys where they were born.

This house used to have a perennial garden by the porch and window boxes on the middle windows. I guess that takes a lot of work to keep up so these new owners have made it a bit more generic – low maintenance. We sold this home in 2002. I brought my preemie babies home here. For my husbands job, we relocated right after the babies were healthy enough to move. (I get so tired even looking at this place)

While in  Connecticut we went to an orchard that the kids used to love in the Fall.

Awwwwh…You’d never know those two boys weighted 4lbs 2oz and 3lbs 7oz at birth. My hubby is still the happiest, best Dad on earth!

Hope you enjoyed this New England in the Fall tour. In about two to three weeks from now the leaves will be at their peak color – if you are looking for a jaw dropping drive – head to the North East, my friends!
Here are some places I recommend going – just click the links:
Clyde’s Cider Mill in Mystic, Ct
Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford, CT
Lyman Oarchards in Middlefield CT
Ray of Light Farm in Haddam CT
Kent Falls in Kent County
Block Island by Ferry
Essex Steam Train and Gillette Castle in Essex CT
These are some of the places we enjoyed most this time of year in Connecticut – not to mention the fairs. Fair season begins in September and they are fun!
I am not an expert for the whole New England area but here is a link to recommended places that we have also been to.

Now that I live closer to down South….Happy Fall Y’all!!!

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At Rivercrest Cottage

Enjoyed touring with you. I would love to drive thru the New England area in fall. On the bucket list!

Katie Mansfield

How fun. There is nothing like New England for quaint charm during the fall. Thanks for sharing. Your houses were darling.


Bonjour,C'est avec une certaine nostalgie que dernièrement je me suis rendue là où mes enfants ont grandi, à Port-Grimaud. J'ai revu ma maison si différente que j'avais un petit pincement au coeur. Je l'aimais comme elle était…Je trouve votre petit billet adorable… Je suis certaine que vos enfants ont apprécié ce petit pèlerinage.Merci pour le partage des photos accompagnées de vos réflexions.Gros bisous 🌸


What fun visits to old places of the heart. It is kind of bittersweet, isn't it, when you start attaching good/bad memories to those homes and places? You \”little\” boys have grown up and you would never know they started out as preemies. Look how healthy they are now. Your hubby really does look like he is happy man….and I attribute a lot of that to the people he lives with!! (go ahead-take the credit)…Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, Holly. xo Diana