Loft – Office

Welcome to our office. This space is open to nearly the whole house. It’s a loft area on the second floor of our home.

Our desk and file cabinet are here along with a lot of books & junk.

Near the bedroom, it makes a convenient place to do bills, browse favorite websites  or check on the kids’ grades – etc.

A few weeks ago I saw this little desk at a thrift store and brought it home. I like it here where the boys or I can sit and do homework or blog together. 🙂

This house is so open. I love it b/c I can hear everything!

This winter I am loving the openness and all the windows this home features. Our views of the woods and city below are breath-taking.

It’s great to be back in Utah but my kids have had a really tough time making friends. It’s a strange place in that way. We started them in a different school this week and so far it has been so much better!

When my kids are happy – it makes all the difference in the world!

Thanks for stopping by!