Loft – Office

Welcome to our office. This space is open to nearly the whole house. It’s a loft area on the second floor of our home.

Our desk and file cabinet are here along with a lot of books & junk.

Near the bedroom, it makes a convenient place to do bills, browse favorite websites  or check on the kids’ grades – etc.

A few weeks ago I saw this little desk at a thrift store and brought it home. I like it here where the boys or I can sit and do homework or blog together. 🙂

This house is so open. I love it b/c I can hear everything!

This winter I am loving the openness and all the windows this home features. Our views of the woods and city below are breath-taking.

It’s great to be back in Utah but my kids have had a really tough time making friends. It’s a strange place in that way. We started them in a different school this week and so far it has been so much better!

When my kids are happy – it makes all the difference in the world!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Whitney Shortt

Love the office space! Hope the transition goes well for your kiddos! <3

Tenneil at R7

Gorgeous!!! Love the pallet wood height chart!

Christine Vandormolen

Hi Holly, gorgeous space, it's so exciting seeing areas of your new house. My little office/craft room got taken over by my husband and son, they put out fold out tables with Lego cities, etc…..LOL……I am glad to hear the new school seems better already…I find it real maddening to hear that people are so different and closed-minded in that area. I would expect much more and better things from supposedly Jesus loving , god-fearing folks!!!

Sharon Cross

Holly…I enjoy you sharing your home with us…and love your decorating style…I have a suggestion though…I find it difficult, to read the text on your pages…Is it possible to \”darken\” the text?

KUNIs little white castle

Wow an office? It looks very good!

Gee Singh Newbanks

I luv the openness of your home. ALL the natural light. I have to have light. :)I am so sorry the move has been hard on the boys. I remember going through that as a child. My daddy was a police officer with the British Rural police and so we moved a lot to small rural villages and towns where he was the only officer for miles … I remember we lived in a village for only 9 months, then off again. For some weird reason we moved in December. Really?! Christmas in a strange place… no joy. But eventually,… Read more »

Lesa Maloney

Another lovely space in your beautiful home. You have such a knack for making each room so comfortable and inviting. I hope the transition into the new school goes well for your boys. I know how that can be…my husband was an RCMP police officer for 25 years and we moved 9 times, different provinces, towns and cities. Our kids had to start new schools and make new friends. The adjustment period was sometimes not very easy, but now that they are adults they have learned that those experiences taught them to be better people. I know that with time,… Read more »