Winter Living Room

Just peeking in to say hello!

Hope you are staying cozy and warm.


13 Replies to “Winter Living Room”

  1. I am trying to keep warm down in the south, but it looks like you have it colder than me! Your living room looks nice and cozy with such pretty snowy views outside your windows.

  2. Bonjour,Merci pour le partage de ces chaleureuses photos. Une envie de rester tranquillement au chaud à siroter une bonne tasse de thé.Gros bisous ♡

  3. Well well, Im not the only one who sees beauty in rusty car/truck springs! I have one on my mantle as well as one sitting in a corner on an ammo box. Then there are some outside as garden art. I love your when I get your updates. Very inspiring!

  4. Awesome room Holly. I could be on here all night pin pointing all your delectable goodies I spied. So much to see and so nicely put together, very cozy also. You and your hubs make a very handsome couple. We have bit of snow too, we live in western CO, few miles west of Grand Junction on west side of divide. When we moved to MT from San Diego we bought an old single wide with lots of windows on all sides of sunken living room, had fireplace in it too. I would sit and watch it snow for hours, pretty different than San Diego that's for sure. We lived south of Helena out on Canyon Ferry Lake on 20 acres, talk about different than how we'd lived before in condo. Was so glorious on full moon snowy nights could see forever. Still miss it. Since then (lived there 7 yrs) we've lived in Ky for 5 yrs. and now here since 2004. Hubs was trucker in MT and KY but is retired now. I miss going trucking with him but nice to know he's home safe now. Enjoy your wonderful cozy home. Where are you located? Happy weekend

  5. Praying that your boys are starting to feel at home now that Christmas is past and they have had fun in the snow. We moved when our girls were 15 and 13. They cried for six weeks and were unhappy longer than that but finally they made friends and adjusted.. Hurts your momma heart though even when you felt God leading.

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