Old Bench Love

Are you in love with wood benches like I am?

Before Christmas I found this bench that maybe went with an outdoor picnic table in a previous life. It was red and nicely aged.

Since I wanted to use it inside I painted it a color that goes with my neutral color scheme. It sits in the front entry against our glossy black railing.

A few months ago I posted about this black bench that I had made for the entry. The great thing with  benches is that they are so versatile. They serve a great purpose as a coffee table in a tight space – one of my favorite looks.

You can never have too many benches. They work for so many rooms. At the foot of the bed, as a bookshelf or as we are using one here – a catch all ledge for what ever we need to drop as we come and go.

Above the bench is a coat or hat rack. Hooks are another “must have” in the entry. This one is simply a 1×3 of wood screwed into the railing with some generic hooks placed along the front.

It’s super casual and inviting (to me, anyway).

Some of you commented on that awesome rocking chair in my Winter Living Room post. I have to admit, I am just “chair-sitting” for my brother. He gave this old rocker to his little wife when she was pregnant. They are in a transition right now so I am hanging on to the chipped white goodness until it has a permanent place to stay.

Also, for those of you who are missing out on all the snow this winter – I will share some of mine.

Isn’t it beautiful? I have only gotten stuck in my driveway three times (with 4×4 vehicles). Not bad!

Well…Thanks for checking in here!
Have a lovely weekend!

PS: If you love benches too – here are a couple of tutorials on how to make your own. Enjoy!

Make a Sturdy Wooden Bench