First BIG Snow 2015

Hello Friends!

Check out the snow on our deck. Isn’t that so amazing?

Do you remember our fire bowl scene from last week?

What a different a day makes.

The snow came in on Sunday night and it’s still going on & off. It may seem like an over reaction to some of you but we are super excited at our house. This is going to be the first white Christmas for my kids.

When I first viewed this house last summer on a 100 degree day, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience to watch the snow coming down through the big windows.

With the Christmas tree lit up and the snow white background the scene feels magical. Just in time for Christmas!

I snapped this picture last night as the sky was getting dark.
Our town recorded 36 inches fell yesterday. This is the view from our street.
Even the chain link gate on the side of our house looks sweet with a snow cap.
I do have to admit that we were out of practice shoveling and getting the snow blower going. We are amazed at the “business as usual” attitude. School still goes on with three feet of snow.
Well, except for us and several kids on our street – we took a long time getting out of the driveway and the plows couldn’t get to our street fast enough. Besides, it felt like a day to celebrate the much anticipated snow fall.
I am hoping this improves our experience of moving. My boys played in the snow all day and had the biggest smiles on their faces. The last time they saw snow like this was on a vacation to Stowe,Vermont when they were 4 years old.
For so many years I have hung this Merry Christmas tin topper on the front door that mimics a snow cap. I bought it in Cape May before my kids were born.
It’s so cozy being surrounded by snow filled trees. The view of the city draped in white at night after the sky clears is magical too.
Our friends in Virginia and Connecticut are enjoying warm weather and sunshine. In March I will be craving the sun and wearing flip flops again but for now – I am loving our first Utah winter back.
What a beautiful welcome home!
Thanks for stopping by!
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wayne brown

Happy New Year in Utah! Enjoy the snow & cool weather.

Sunflowers With Smiles

Beautiful snow, it is especially nice during the holidays, since I mo longer live in Pa, I miss all the white stuff but do miss it during the holidays.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

It really is beautiful to look at, but after living in huge snow for 18 years I am more than happy to just look at your. Stunning pictures.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy

It's so beautiful. What an amazing view you have Holly.

Jennifer Schmitz

So far here in Kansas City we've dodged the bullet but I know its-a-comin'. Glad to see that you guys will have a white Christmas!

Wilma Brazeau

It sounds like you enjoyed the snow day with your boys. Those are the best. I live in Ontario, Canada and we are having unusually mild temps so far this winter but the snow always does come…guaranteed.:)Have a blessed Christmas season

Christine Vandormolen

I love it, so much snow!!!! I hope you guys are well prepared in Utah for so much white stuff. In WA everything would shut down….LOLYour tree is so beautiful!


Beautiful Holly. Looks like Christmas for sure. We have no snow here in Chicago and it is more like Spring than Easter with our temps. Would love to see some of the white stuff for Christmas. Looking at your snowfall through the windows is gorgeous. You are definitely having a white Christmas.Kris