Our Christmas Tree is Up AND Lit



A quick nod to Thanksgiving in my Christmas tree post.

Hi Friends!

Are you getting ready for the holidays? I never feel quite prepared when it all begins but I am super excited to celebrate with my whole family this year (except one brother who lives in AZ).

I am an early Christmas decorator, which probably adds a little stress to kicking off the holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving and two birthdays in the same week.

I wanted a 9 ft. tree for the living room. Have you shopped for artificial trees lately? Wow! $$$ I would love a new one but some are $500 – Uhm? No!.

I found this tree for $50. Somebody was selling it on KSL.com.

I expected none of the lights to work when I got it home but I was pleasantly surprised when the whole tree lit up beautifully (after figuring out all the cords).

I only put pine cones with silver and gold ornaments on the tree. We still need to top it with a star.

What do you think of the spool table next to the piano with a couple of metal chairs? Not dining but – let’s-have-a-drink-and-listen-to-my-musical-family?  (I am not musical but I love listening!)
I enjoy the flexibility of our floor plan, but there are so many options.
 Of course, I have to share a picture of my dog.
Mazi was freshly groomed the other day but she’s been shivering ever since so I bought her a Christmas sweater. She acts insecure without all her fluffy hair. Kind of like how I feel when I get my hair cut too short.
So, we are going to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. I think it’s been 15 years since I have been home for this holiday. I will miss making the whole dinner with my hubby but I am contributing to the feast.
Here’s what’s cookin’:
Cranberry Salad. I start a day or two before to crush the fresh cranberries and let them sweeten up in sugar over night.
Go HERE for the full recipe. It’s a huge hit every year!.
It’s Golden Grahams, Rice Chex, almonds and a little coconut (nobody complains about the coconut!) Make sort of a caramel on the stove top to toss it in and YUM! Recipe link is above in red.
I am doing the mashed potatoes, too. Do you want to know a secret?
If you put cream cheese in your potatoes when mixing then you can cook and mash them ahead of time. They stay creamy-soft and taste delicious. I don’t have a recipe but I think I use at least 4 oz. of cream cheese. Slip that in with butter and salt. Yum!
I am getting hungry.

Well – Have a super fun week and if I don’t touch base with you before Thanksgiving – Have a Wonderful Day AND please know that I am always grateful for the people who take time to read my blog..


Gobble! Gobble!

Big hugs,


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Your tree is beautiful! What a great score too. I can't believe you only paid $50 for that. Mine is decorated with white lights and white and silver ornaments too. I love the serenity of it. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm sure it will be extra special this year!

Valerie Ratliff

Your place looks beautiful… so glad you are home. Happy Thanksgiving.

Katie Mansfield

$50.00 is a steal for that tree. It's beautiful. Your sweet treat looks amazing. Have a blessed time with your family. I love coming home after the Thanksgiving meal to a completely decorated Christmas tree. Katie


Holly,Ohhhhh just swooning over your gorgeous tree. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.Kris


Love the tree and I would kill to have a room that big to decorate for Christmas…..my living room is so small I feel I should just hold the Christmas tree in my hands during the month of December as I can't find a suitable place to display it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!

Gee Singh Newbanks

Happy Thanksgiving Holly!!What a luvly tree, and a score as well. Aha… I do the same… regular mashed potatoes have sour cream , butter and milk. Holiday mashed potatoes have cream cheese. YUM!!! But I add one more super ingredient, I cook the potatoes with garlic. I am not hosting this year, and that is one thing that was requested… my yummy potatoes. Enjoy!


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Beth Qualley

It looks beautiful Holly! Enjoy the holidays with your family….I love your new home (I loved your old homes too!) and I'm always looking forward to your posts.The windows in your new house are gorgeous!!! Are those curtins the same that ones you had in VA? I spontaneously pulled apart my family room last week and I'm looking to do something like that. Did you make those yourself? Happy thanksgiving!!!