Our Christmas Tree is Up AND Lit

A quick nod to Thanksgiving in my Christmas tree post.

Hi Friends!

Are you getting ready for the holidays? I never feel quite prepared when it all begins but I am super excited to celebrate with my whole family this year (except one brother who lives in AZ).

I am an early Christmas decorator, which probably adds a little stress to kicking off the holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving and two birthdays in the same week.

I wanted a 9 ft. tree for the living room. Have you shopped for artificial trees lately? Wow! $$$ I would love a new one but some are $500 – Uhm? No!.

 I found this tree for $50. Somebody was selling it on KSL.com.

I expected none of the lights to work when I got it home but I was pleasantly surprised when the whole tree lit up beautifully (after figuring out all the cords).

I only put pine cones with silver and gold ornaments on the tree. We still need to top it with a star.

What do you think of the spool table next to the piano with a couple of metal chairs? Not dining but – let’s-have-a-drink-and-listen-to-my-musical-family?  (I am not musical but I love listening!)
I enjoy the flexibility of our floor plan, but there are so many options. 
 Of course, I have to share a picture of my dog.
Mazi was freshly groomed the other day but she’s been shivering ever since so I bought her a Christmas sweater. She acts insecure without all her fluffy hair. Kind of like how I feel when I get my hair cut too short.
So, we are going to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. I think it’s been 15 years since I have been home for this holiday. I will miss making the whole dinner with my hubby but I am contributing to the feast.
Here’s what’s cookin’:

Cranberry Salad. I start a day or two before to crush the fresh cranberries and let them sweeten up in sugar over night. 
Go HERE for the full recipe. It’s a huge hit every year!. 
It’s Golden Grahams, Rice Chex, almonds and a little coconut (nobody complains about the coconut!) Make sort of a caramel on the stove top to toss it in and YUM! Recipe link is above in red.
I am doing the mashed potatoes, too. Do you want to know a secret?
If you put cream cheese in your potatoes when mixing then you can cook and mash them ahead of time. They stay creamy-soft and taste delicious. I don’t have a recipe but I think I use at least 4 oz. of cream cheese. Slip that in with butter and salt. Yum!
I am getting hungry.

Well – Have a super fun week and if I don’t touch base with you before Thanksgiving – Have a Wonderful Day AND please know that I am always grateful for the people who take time to read my blog..


Gobble! Gobble!

Big hugs,