Staircase Frame Collage & a WINNER


I have a winner of the beautiful garland that was featured HERE earlier this week.

Drum roll please….

the winner is Jennifer Schmitz
Congratulations to Jennifer!

Jennifer is actually a blogger too.

Decorated Chaos
Lucky you!
Thank you all for reading my blog and leaving a message. I wish all 60 of you that entered could win a lovely garland.
 After bringing attention to my staircase with my lit up Tree Classics garland РI decided to pull out some family pictures to show off.
I start with my biggest frame and nail it to the center of the wall. In this case, I had a large empty frame from my brother (his house HERE).
I then just “eyeball” placing the other frames working from larger frames placed closer to the center to smaller ones as the collage spreads out. Also, I try to balance like frames on both sides. I use a level to straighten each one.
To keep the frames from shifting I use a little duct tape attached to just one corner of the frame. Make it double stick by folding a two to three inch piece into a circle with the sticky side out then put that on the back of your frames.
Once the frame is right where you want it then press it toward the wall so the frame grips with the tape. It won’t shift as you nail into the wall for others.
Picture collages near a foyer look so friendly and fun to me.
Our railing is contemporary and black so the dark frames pop with the light carpet and wall color.
As I take this photo, directly behind me is a 9 ft. Christmas tree that I need to light up. I have been waiting for a day when I have a lot of patience to trouble shoot faulty strings of lights. UGH!
Again, Thank You all so much for entering to win the pretty garland. I am loving mine and I thank Tree Classics for offering one to a lucky reader of Down to Earth Style blog!
See you next week and enjoy your weekend!

8 Replies to “Staircase Frame Collage & a WINNER”

  1. Congrats to Jennifer…and your collage is beautiful. I love seeing family portraits all grouped together! You did a nice job and do the same thing with tape that I do-lol xo Diana

  2. Congrats to Jennifer! She's on a lucky streak since she just won my giveaway a few weeks ago. I really like your gallery wall near your staircase.

  3. love those colors of the frames, just black and whites….I started on my staircase wall a while back and still haven't finished. It's such a HUGE space, so it's hard to get motivated….lol…now do you leave the tape on the frames , or do you only use it to figure out how to hang everything?

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