Tour a Craftsman Style House

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead.
I finally got around to taking pictures of this model home in Kaysville, UT.
The day was a little grey outside and all the lights are kept on for showing the home to potential buyers so there are some wonky shadows in some of the pictures. :/


This house was built by Woodside Homes. Many years ago I worked for them and my sister works there now so I like to go peek in on her sometimes.

This is just beyond the foyer. The stair railing is thick and painted a simple black. Check out the moldings on the hall wall. Pretty?!

Going down the stairs there is a beautiful mirror that I would love to recreate in my house.

I love mirrors but what do you think they did to this one. Four patterned boxes placed almost like a window pane. That might be an easy DIY.

The colors throughout flow well with the whole house decor even on the outside (well, except one room at the end).

On to the kitchen!

The floors are a pretty color and I love the black distressed cabinets.
While preparing dinner you could keep an eye on your party. Look how open it is!

I especially like that the dining table is off in it’s own little nook (not that little).

When we had our home in CT the dining table was in between the kitchen and family room and, although I loved it open, I would rather the table not be so visible. It seemed to interrupt the flow a little.

However, I would take that house back in a minute. My family loved living there.

Going out some french doors is a covered deck with a see through fireplace.

Pretty and comfortable!

Moving on to the master bedroom.

I love the wood flooring on the exterior and carpet in the middle. It’s like a built in rug. (and speaking of flooring – you can read my interview with Floor Coverings International HERE)

Then the master bathroom – it’s dreamy!

What do you think of the wall paper?
OK – picture overload. Just a couple  several more. This house is pretty big.
Let’s exit the master suite and go clear over to the other side of the house where the kids’ spaces are.

This room is open to the hallway, no doors.

Check out the bathroom. A sunny yellow ceiling – WOW!

Uhhm, my kids’ bathroom never looks that clean.
Just in case you have a boy.
And in case you have a girl (which I do not) –
Ouch! Pink hurts my eyes,
Look at the ballet bar on the mirror.
Well, I hate to stop the tour short (ha!)
I saw my car out the window and reality kicked in – I was late to pick up the kids from school. Ooops!

If you made it to the bottom and you are reading this – Mwuah! (blowing a kiss to you)

Thank you for touring my this beautiful house.

Oh, P.S. I would love to give credit to the interior designers of this home but the sales agents are not privy to that info. But Thanks Woodside Homes!

(not a sponsored post, btw)

Again – You can read my personal interview with Floor Coverings International HERE.

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Great tour! I love looking at professionally decorated homes.


Hi Holly,Thanks for the tour of this home. Wow love all the rooms. Love the open concept of the kitchen and family room. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.Kris


That is a beautiful house, Holly. Looking at the living room the furniture reminds me so much of what my MIL had in her house in the late 60's/70's. The lines, and skinny arms, etc.As much as I like pink- I am not crazy about the spreads on the girls' beds. lol The whole house though is GREAT.Thanks for taking pictures for us! xo Diana

Simple and serene living Laura Walker

No real child's bathroom is that neat. LOL Pretty house with lots of great details. xo Laura

Valerie Ratliff

I like it. Love the details. I live in Oklahoma and every new build here is a cookie cutter Dallas style.

KUNIs little white castle

Very pretty and comfortable.