Saw Horse Desk and a Painted Armoire

This is a rectangle shaped room that is visible from the entryway to our home. I have made it into an office & living room combined.

The piano and two leather club chairs are on one end (see HERE) and on the other side I have had a bit of trouble finding the right look for – – – until now.

I needed an office space with a place to put this big armoire that holds wrapping paper, junk, craft supplies – etc.. Nobody wanted to haul that heavy piece anywhere but the main floor so it ended up here. It had been painted white before but was way too light in this room. The color the armoire wears so beautifully now is Stone Castle Griege (Glidden). The hardware is also switched out to a  darker bronze (Hobby Lobby).
Before the deep grey color this room felt too light and your eye couldn’t target one particular thing or area. I think I know what designers mean when they say “black (or dark) grounds a room”.
Pairing two cream painted metal chairs (Pottery Barn) with a dark wood desk made from saw horses (IKEA) and a plywood top stained in Midnight (Cabot from Lowe’s) bring contrast to my light, neutral color pallet.
Facing the chairs to look out the window keeps the sun glare off of my computer screen and gives me a pretty view to enjoy while browsing and blogging. (I can’t wait for our first snow fall – won’t that be pretty?)
I love spending time in here, although it gets pretty hot with all the windows. I am looking forward to some winter days when the sun comes shining in to warm my soul.
If you missed the first glimpse of our new house you can view that HERE.
Thanks you for visiting! I appreciate every read and comment.
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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Everything is so lovely! That armoire is the most wonderful shade of gray!


Very nice Holly the armoire is so pretty. Love your drapes too. The room looks great.Kris


I love the color you chose for that pretty armoire! I love white, grey and black so you've used all my favorite colors. Your desk is so neat too. Love it with the saw horse legs and the white metal chairs. I'd love to have metal chairs at my kitchen table but my husband doesn't think they would be comfortable. I think they would look cool and be so practical!

Christine Vandormolen

lovin the curtains and the armoire!!!! Super awesome !!!


I love that you are \”back to blog land\” and am very excited to see all of your rooms as you work on them! I bet it's fun to get to design a new home and get to stretch your design skills!!?? ~Kim