Cute Burlap Wreaths…..

Two Tone Burlap Wreath 2
I always have lots of burlap around so this didn’t cost me much.  Just the hay wreath for about $3.00.
This can be done with any type of fabric really…
I keep wanting to try a white fleece… how cute would that be?
What you need:
Hot Glue Gun
2 Yards of Burlap (approx.)
cute brlp wreath
– Wrap a 3 inch wide x 60 inch long strip of burlap around your wreath and glue into place.
– Cut burlap into 3 1/2 inch squares – lots and lots of them…..
(I use my Fiskars circular cutter to slice the squares – it’s much faster than scissors)
Thanksgiving 2011 115
 Fold the squares around the end of a pen and then apply hot glue to the wrapped end.
Thanksgiving 2011 116
Glue the burlap squares all over the wreath so it is really nice and full.
(on this one I used two colors)
Two Tone Burlap Wreath 1
should look something like this…
On the back I string some frame wire into the fabric and twist it into a circle for easy hanging.
 These sweet wreaths are cute for Christmas but they can be displayed all year through.
You may like my Muslin Rag Wreath also.


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  1. You did a beautiful job on your wreath – I love the burlap & combination of colors. I'm a new follower, please drop by when you have a chance.

  2. Hi I love all your creative ideas. Any recommendation on where could I find burlap for cheap?Thanks!

  3. Found you on Funky Junk SNS and love the white wreath on the dark door. I guess I will have to make one of these. Thanks for the Tutorial.New blogger and will follow you.Christmas Blessings.Audrey Z.

  4. Where do you find such tightly woven burlap?? I've searched Walmart, Ace, and Menards and have found nothing of the sort! -and Im DYING to make this wreath!!! Help! 🙁

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