Revere Pewter Walls for the Master Bedroom

Guess what color our bedroom was before it became Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)?

M-A-U-V-E….that word may not even be part of your vocabulary if you are younger than me. Do you remember the sponge painting technique too? Luckily, I never jumped on that trend and certainly couldn’t embrace it today either.

Out with the late 80’s – in with a pretty pale griege.

I picked up this dresser and tri-fold mirror for a song at the Lazy Daisy in VA before we left town. I repainted the mirror and the drawers in Stone Castle Griege by Glidden. It is a perfect neutral grey for furniture!

Since our home has so much natural light, light carpet and window coverings I wanted some contrast on a couple of pieces of furniture. I was so pleasantly surprised with this color. I love it!

Not much is new in this room – same old black & white – my favorite “go to” color scheme. That little lamp is a Target clearance find and the shade I already had.

The throw blanket and black & white striped pillow covers are from IKEA. (that is my real dog – not an Ewok – that word may not be in your vocabulary either)

This sweet plant sits in a sunny corner of our bedroom in between some french doors that lead to a deck and my dresser. It’s pretty neat to have it back in my possession. Here is a little story about her: 15 years ago I gave that same plant as a youngling to my mom since I couldn’t take it on our cross country move to the East Coast. Mom took such great care of her. It always touched my heart as I would visit every year and see that she was thriving in Mom’s happy, sun-filled home. The plant grew and grew. She even had to be cut back several times as she got carried away. When we arrived here in August this year Mom let me take her home to our new place. Like I never left – we are reunited again as mature adults!  Her branches are so thick and healthy (so are mine). I am going to attempt to train her to grow in the form of a tree.

Thank you, Mom, for plant-sitting for so very long.

While I am showing you the room I may as well give you a peek at the view we have from up here. It’s dreamy at night with the crickets singing and the city lights shining. (However, I am not missing the sound of cicada bugs yet)
Well, there it is – Revere Pewter by Ben Moore and a little in between. A perfect color for a whole house. It’s light but still has a nice contrast with light molding.  If you are building/remodeling and need one color for your entire house, this is it.
Now, if only getting my 7th grade boys to love their new school as much as I love my new room. 🙁
(Thankfully we have my Mom and lots of other family & friends to help us through this transition)
I am happy that you stopped by!
Thank you, as always!
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