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Hi Friends!

I wanted to take a picture of this large #5 before I delivered it to my friend. She has a family of 5. I love the simple but bold statement it makes.


This is our foyer and to the left is our front door – to give you an idea how big it is.


While I am showing you the foyer I changed the gallery wall a little bit. We were switching our thermostat from a/c to heat and back again. Our weather in VA has been beautiful but super warm and then freezing.


I hide the thermostat behind a mirror, normally, but here is how I disguised it this time.


This is a metal bucket that I fill with seasonal greens, I can easily change the temperature without removing the mirror. I now just have to peek throught flowers.


Sometimes I have to straighten the thing because it gets messed with a little but it’s worth it because I don’t have to see that utility box.

I have talked about all the things I disguise on this wall before but hidden behind the frames and mirrors are an air return, doorbell, light switches and the thermostat all on the main wall in our foyer.

The other wall is fun to change up too but I keep a bench and hooks there for convenience.


Are you wondering how I painted the 5? Well, a while back I wanted to make these large art with numbers to sell in my retail space. I ordered some big stencils. They are heavy duty so I can reuse them over and over.


Do you know what the stencils are made for? A track, like a high school track field. Yup! They weren’t cheap but I am hoping to get a lot of use out of them.


I was inspired by Holli at BeesnBurlap

She has a 5 painted on her interior front door in the foyer. While I have decorated with numbers on pillows and furniture before, I was super inspired by the grand size. Our ceilings in our home are 10 feet tall. When I walk through retail shops searching for wall decor everything seems so small for my tall walls.

I like simple, possibly meaningful and somewhat modern in wall art.

This great big number is going to a beach cottage but I see it in so many places in a home – hall, mudroom, gallery wall….endless options.


I hope you are all staying safe and healthy at home.

I am actually getting a lot done since we are home. I love having the boys around too.

Thanks for stopping by.

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