Make Wooden Christmas Gift Box Decor

Don’t you love the look of Christmas presents under the tree? It’s so exciting to wonder what is in each special package.

Last year I made some wooden gifts for our front porch and the twinkle lights inside were a festive and fun welcome.
This year I used wood lattice from the home improvement store to let the twinkling lights shine through.
This small gift has a stripe effect on two sides, solid on two sides and a lattice top. The bottom of each box is open for stringing lights inside. Just wind the strand up into a ball about the height of your gift box and tie it with twine so it stays then dangle them from a little hook on the bottom side of the top. (?)
The tall, skinny gift is painted with a stripe pattern and lattice on two sides.
The colors coordinate and the heights are staggered so they make a super cute trio . I think putting garden burlap underneath like a tree skirt would be the best way to display them that way the burlap will hide the electrical cords.
If you’d like to see last years gift post with more instructions on putting a wooden box together go here.
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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in one week. Hope you have some wonderful plans with family and friends. 
Stay warm!