Special Delivery!

I love pulling up to the house and seeing a package waiting for me on the porch.  This time of year is especially fun because most of the boxes hold a sweet Christmas surprise,  That is what gave me the inspiration to make these decorative, rustic gift boxes.
There are so many ways to make them unique. I have posted some others that you can view in this post and this post.

Here is a close up of each one.

A star shape was cut out with a Skil saw and chicken wire is stapled to the inside. 
This is one of my favorites. A small two toned rectangle shape. The mini lights are inside (unopened because they are going to a new home – it’s already sold).
The green color is by Behr – River Bank. I love it!
With a red burlap accent bow and an ornament – they resemble presents that have been wrapped with love. 
I made several of these for the shop where I rent space to sale my creations. You can see the Facebook page HERE.
Hopefully your holiday shopping is going better than mine is…. It’s time for me to do some real gift wrapping.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!
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