Little Tree on the Porch

Do you love little candles on a Christmas tree? I think the idea is so super sweet but, of course, who could keep them lit up? 

Last year I bought some at a quaint little Christmas shop. The silver bases clip to the tree branches and the white candles fit into them perfectly.
I couldn’t resist this small live tree while walking into a store the other day. The scent of pine is so fresh. The wreaths on the porch (in progress) are real this year, too.
I don’t know about you but I am so slow getting my house all decorated for the big day this year. I try to share every little corner that I do get done here on the blog…and watching other bloggers complete and share projects is so inspiring.
Keeping our home decor simple is what I have been trying to do lately. Taking things down and getting rid of so much. So bringing in the Christmas decor – kind of goes against that. When life feels complicated, I simplify my surroundings. I think that’s how I try to stay balanced. 
I remember Christmas being so magical when I was growing up. My parents seemed to have it all together. Baking for the neighbors, choosing a family or two to do the twelve days of Christmas for, huge Christmas parties with even our second cousins, visiting Temple Square to see the lights and they shopped for six kids.Whew! I fail in comparison. Sometimes I’d rather be a kid again.
(no, I love being a mom/wife)
Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your own holiday decorating and traditions.