Hydrangeas on the Porch

Earlier this summer I hung these ball jars for tea light candles at the entrance to our porch.

Since our hydrangea bush is full of lovely blooms I wanted to use them anywhere I could before they dry out.

The jars were empty there for awhile but instead of taking them down for fall – I used them as vases for these pretty hydrangea clippings.
The trio of jars are hung from framing wire wrapped
around two nails at either end.
Here are a few more pictures of fall decorating going on around the front of my house.
Not too fall but different from last week.
Mums are in bloom and these are the hay bales my boys brought home for me to use in my decorating and for them to use for target shooting.
Faux pumpkins and an old wooden crate.
And the pretty hydrangeas dangle above the entrance to welcome friends.
The weather has cooled and I am ready for hoodies and sweat pants!

17 Replies to “Hydrangeas on the Porch”

  1. Oh my I love this idea! We have a lot of ball jars left from our wedding. I'm going to have to convince my husband to rig me one of these up!agirlandhersparkles.blogspot.com

  2. Great idea and looks perfect with the hydrangeas. Your porch looks wonderful and all ready for Fall. Beautiful as usual my friend! Love the boys and the hay bale for target. My son was the same way when he was young with anything that was solid enough, every once and a while I would find a few arrows when I was out cutting the grass! ha Hugs, Diane

  3. I love hanging anything. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I can't wait for our construction to end so I can decorate my porches and plant hydrangeas. Simply marvelous.Very Inspiring.Hugs,ValerieCottage Making Mommywww.lovingmyheartandhome.blogspot.com

  4. What a creative way to display your hydrangeas. Your porch looks so inviting with your autumn decor. New GFC follower, hope you'll visit sometime!

  5. I'm ready for hoodies too!!! I love the addition of hay bales this time of year, great idea! My tiny hydrangea plant hasn't produced much this season… but I bet next year I will have lots of nice blooms! Happy Fall my darling and creative friend!!! jules

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