{ Hay } ~ it’s Fall ya~all!

I am not a southern girl so I don’t say “ya-all” but I sure think it’s cute when the southern belles around here say it.
Last weekend my boys went to practice archery with their dad. Marc was thinking of me when he saw all the hay bales there…
so he brought some home for me to decorate with. Sweet guy!

At least that is what he said when they came home with 5 huge bales of hay packed into our minivan.
(yes, we have a minivan – company car and very useful)
I don’t have any farm animals to use all this stuff so, yes, I used it for decorating the front yard where there are some blank spots in the landscaping.
All old fall decor and faux pumpkins. But I found that little crow at Walgreens for 
only $5 this year.
And there are still a few bales of hay in the garage –
I am sure they are here for archery practice at home.
 =/  Watch Out Ya~All!

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