Quick & Easy Book Ledge

I love books! One day I would love a room full of them…a real library.

Maybe in a room with our piano, like this room. I don’t have a lot of side tables in here so I was using an old small ladder to hold my drink and a book. The room is pretty small and super cozy. That rocking chair is my favorite place to relax (besides my bed). I needed a little better place for my reading material.
So I made a book ledge that takes up no extra space.
It was so simple….
I had this corner bracket in the garage. It is from Lowe’s for $4.97.
I purchased this 1×24″ stain grade round top for another project (which you will see later with the other half). The cost was $17.57 but you could use any piece of scrap wood for this. I used 2×4’s on THIS SHELF and 1×4’s HERE. I cut the round wood with my table saw at 8 1/2 inches. Then rubbed dark walnut stain into it with a little towel.
One bracket works well with the half round section – I like the look. For more support I added two 2″ angle supports (.79 cents each) on either side of the corner bracket.
(like my band-aid?)
You could attach this to your wall but I chose this door since it was already there and I am trying not to make very many holes in the drywall in our rental home.
Those books belong to my boys. I am actually reading …
I am almost done. Pretty good. I usually read super depressing memoirs from WW2. Needed a change. I have some good books that I have read in my Books to Read Pinterest Board if you’d like to follow along.
Then you can make an easy book ledge right next to your favorite chair and read the rest of this Winter away!

(like we all have time to do that =/ )
If you like those window panels you can see how super cheap and easy they are HERE.
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26 Replies to “Quick & Easy Book Ledge”

  1. Love that shelf! You were so smart to attach it to the door..it looks great. Now what month did you move into that house? We moved in June. You are so ahead of me. Making decisions just slows me down.

  2. I LOVE this little shelf attached to a fabulous old door!Makes it that much more charming. You're amazing, Holly…all your creative ideas!Mary Alice

  3. Hi there, I have just discovered your blog today – it is amazing & so are your ideas & creativity. I love the book shelf idea – I also love your home tours & have a crink in my neck from looking so closely at the screen!!! Thankyou for sharing all that you do across the miles, Julie 🙂

  4. I love your shelf…..another wonderful simple creative idea..I had a library of close to 1000 books…when we ran a rescue mission..We encouraged the women who stayed there to read…read..read..Since we are no longer running the mission and have sinced moved…I have bags of books in my attic…I have a kindle fire so all my books are stored in the \”cloud\”..lol I do not have to dust…lol.. Enjoy your little reading nook. Blessings!

  5. Oh! Now that is a cute idea. I have some MDF from an old computer desk (ready to assemble) …it's left over. I could do something like this and decoupage it to give it an old feel…(rather than that icky particle board faux wood grain) You have wonderful ideas for this room. I love it! I'm pinning this book legde! Pat

  6. Great idea for that old door panel! It looks nice beside the chair too. Love how you styled the shelf as well.

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