Refreshing the Living Room

We don’t use this room much but it needed a good cleaning.

So today I gave this space a “Refresh”.
I moved the stereo table and cd cabinet out.
That is so bad! The “catch all” corner.
I never know what to do with the cubby hole in the wall. Today I stacked three crates in there and filled it with my magazines (some of them). I hoard magazines, I admit. When we were packing to move – one of my boys said “Are we hoarders?” I sort of giggled under my breath and said “no” but come to think of it now – Yes, I am a hoarder. Just mags, though.
I love looking back at old issues. Some of these have helped me develop my style. Some have special notes and scribbles on them.
This issue has some notes written on the cover. A day I will never forget. We had just found out that my husband had testicular cancer and I had been making doctor appointments and nervously doodling. Everything is fine now, thank God. Some of the little stick figure guys are from my little boy, who I was trying to keep entertained while I was on the phone. I can’t possibly throw this one out.
I brought in a porch planter with sticks and added more sticks that my kids have gathered for me.
If you look closely you can see a mason jar candle hanging in the window.
(a hook was already there – yeah!)
You can look out onto our wrap around porch and our neighbors :/
(keeping “space” in mind for the future house)

I do love how long the windows are….so does Mazi.

I covered the love seat with my Pottery Barn dropcloth.  I didn’t even iron it for you…so sorry. I don’t like to iron – that’s why we have dry cleaners.
This space isn’t very big but it is so perfect for a piano room. My husband is the talented one – he plays beautifully!!! Ben plays, too – beautifully!!! I don’t!!!
The curtains were super simple – HERE is a post on them. The candles are one of my favorite winter accent crafts and the art on the wall is one of my latest projects.
I think I will invite more people into this room now – since I am not embarrassed of the clutter corner.
Hope your week goes great! 
Now….I gotta get ready for Downton Abbey!