Refreshing the Living Room

We don’t use this room much but it needed a good cleaning.

So today I gave this space a “Refresh”.
I moved the stereo table and cd cabinet out.
That is so bad! The “catch all” corner.
I never know what to do with the cubby hole in the wall. Today I stacked three crates in there and filled it with my magazines (some of them). I hoard magazines, I admit. When we were packing to move – one of my boys said “Are we hoarders?” I sort of giggled under my breath and said “no” but come to think of it now – Yes, I am a hoarder. Just mags, though.
I love looking back at old issues. Some of these have helped me develop my style. Some have special notes and scribbles on them.
This issue has some notes written on the cover. A day I will never forget. We had just found out that my husband had testicular cancer and I had been making doctor appointments and nervously doodling. Everything is fine now, thank God. Some of the little stick figure guys are from my little boy, who I was trying to keep entertained while I was on the phone. I can’t possibly throw this one out.
I brought in a porch planter with sticks and added more sticks that my kids have gathered for me.
If you look closely you can see a mason jar candle hanging in the window.
(a hook was already there – yeah!)
You can look out onto our wrap around porch and our neighbors :/
(keeping “space” in mind for the future house)

I do love how long the windows are….so does Mazi.

I covered the love seat with my Pottery Barn dropcloth.  I didn’t even iron it for you…so sorry. I don’t like to iron – that’s why we have dry cleaners.
This space isn’t very big but it is so perfect for a piano room. My husband is the talented one – he plays beautifully!!! Ben plays, too – beautifully!!! I don’t!!!
The curtains were super simple – HERE is a post on them. The candles are one of my favorite winter accent crafts and the art on the wall is one of my latest projects.
I think I will invite more people into this room now – since I am not embarrassed of the clutter corner.
Hope your week goes great! 
Now….I gotta get ready for Downton Abbey!
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The Honeysuckle Bus Stop

I love it, Holly! Thanks for sharing. Such a cozy, refreshing space….well, your whole house is, really! Beautiful. Feel free to link up with me for Moonshine Monday! Amber @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop

Wild Oak Designs

It feels good to move things around when we clean and organize. You did a great job! Looks cozy and inviting.Nancy

debi rosin

Hi Holly, I like this re-do. . . I have such a tiny living room it's so hard to mix it up. . . we do have a family room in the basement tho that gives me a little bit more freedom. . . I just wanted to comment on your Pottery Barn drop cloths. . . I use drop cloths all over my house. . . I have them tucked into my sofa for a slipcover, I also use them for pillows, table runners, curtains, a shower curtain, they make great cover for outdoor cushions. . . I even… Read more »


Lovely changes, Holly! 🙂


Holly the room looks brighter now, (but I liked the first way too). You can change the look but it still has YOU written all over in it! Love your creative, out of the box style! I'm ashamed to admit I'm a magazine, decorating books, scrapbook/cards book collector… Where to keep them is getting to be a problem, I know… I need a library! Thanks for sharing your refresh!Hugs,~Pendra

Leslie Harris

Holly, your rooms are so warm and inspiring to me. I have to really examine each space because you've done a wonderful job layering…and I love all the textures. I want this look! Also, I need to read your post on those 'simple' window treatments. I need to do that for my living room, except I'm a beginner at sewing. Also I love that magazine and the story behind it. Wow. I can only imagine what you all went through. So happy it's over. I loved this post.Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Saeed Zia

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Great new fresh look. I like the door you add with the wreath. I didn't notice in the before pictures. Cynthia

Christine Vandormolen

I really like the narrow sofa table with the candles on it…I need something long and narrow like that for my couch too. Our family room isn't all that big and I don't want to take up a lot of space with a normal sized coffee table. I SURE NOTICED THE MASON JAR IN THE WINDOW right off the bat. I seem to have lazer vision when it comes to your pictures, scanning everything for the smallest details….lol


I really love how this room looks now! It reminds me of how it looked in your other house too. I adore your beautiful piano and stool too. I think that adds so much character to the room. I bet it's nice to listen to your husband play in there. Good idea on how you used that niche in the wall too. Looks like a perfect place for books and magazines.

Mary Ann

Love the new look of the living room… and I hoard magazines, too!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

i love your pretty and cozy living room!!! gorgeous!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

You did a lovely job refreshing your living room, Holly! Great idea for that wall niche. It looks very cozy in here, especially for sitting and listening to the piano being played beautifully. : )

chateau chic

This room looks so warm and inviting and beautiful! Love the vignette on top of the piano.Mary Alice

Marina Pérez

Hello Holly, my name is Marina and I write you from Spain, I've began to read your beautiful post and then I ran into the new about your husband's illness, I love that he is ok now, my father is now ill but he is 76, so the doctor says that probably he will be ok soon. I have to say that your living room is wonderful, everything, your candles,your branches, the colours that you have chosen, and magazine looks great. So I've to say that I've enjoyed it a lot.Marina

Shabby chic Sandy

Love your changes–everything looks great! Mazi is so adorable. So glad your husband is okay. If it's not one thing it is another..isn't it?! I am a magazine hoarder too–after a couple years it is like looking thru a brand new magazine 🙂

Gypsy Pie

The room is charming! Your blog is pricless! Great inspiration from a talented lady.

Dewena Callis

Your changes are lovely. I need to tackle some of my corner clutter catchers. Feel the same way about old mags as you. I have some going back to the 80s, one that has a favorite house that seems almost as current today as it did then.


I have looked at your blog for sometime now and love your style! I just had to comment after reading about your notes that you scribbled on that one magazine. My husband had testicular cancer 4 years ago. Just thought I'd comment since we have walked somewhat of the same path in life 🙂


I love the new refresh look Holly. Great piano too! Do you play?

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

The change looks great Holly!! Mazi is such a little cutie!


I love your space! You inspire me with each and every post!


The room looks great! So thankful your husband is well.Katie


Thanks for the info on the curtains, I kept clicking through to get more of your info! Came back here to thank you. Ikea is about 2 hours from here, I think I will order some. Mary

Gee Singh Newbanks

Guess I am the odd ball out. I keep the magazine for the season, then I donate or dispose of 😕 Will try and keep them longer from now on. Luv your refreshed version of the living room. Our son plays beautifully as well. Our youngest. He was really keep on his lessons, but his teacher too ill subsiquently died. He discontinued and has never touched the piano again. He played his last piece at her funeral. It breaks my heart so… he's really talented. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Gee

Blondie's Journal

Very pretty room, Holly. Don't you feel better after you tackle a project like this? I have a den that is a catch all…I make a lot of stacks! lol!XO,Jane

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy

Wonderful space. Your not alone, I hoard decorating magazines too.I have some from way back to 1990. I have looked at some of them so many times they are literally falling apart but I just can't throw them out. HugsTam

Patty Sumner

Looks great Holly! I love magazines too. I finally went through and tore out fav pages and made a huge thick notebook of disign page favs…what a blessing to have two someones who can play piano..I sing but do not play…Blesssings!


Your room is beautiful both ways, but I think I like the new look better it as more detail:) Beautiful home with great style!