Decorating with Old Windows & Where to Find Them

I use old windows in my decorating a lot. The following photos are from some older posts that feature these vintage beauties. I have made message boards, art and tables with them and have used a window as a fireplace screen and for backdrops for other home accents. My headboard in our Master Bedroom is one of my personal favorites.

New Display Wall with Function
I get emails asking me “Where do you find all your old windows?”
Well, I have to tell you that it depends on the region of the country you live in, really. I collected most of my old windows while living on the East Coast. There are much older buildings out here apposed to say Utah – where I grew up. Mostly I can find them for free…WHERE?
Glass and Window Replacement shops. YUP! You have to be brave and ask the owners. I found a small locally owned company that had them stacked in the back of the store – ready for the DUMPSTER! (What?) I made the owner some cookies and sweetly asked for them but I also offered to pay. He was so happy to get rid of them and he even delivered the largest one to my house.
If you live out West where things are a little newer you might have to pay retail. There are antique and boutique shops that sell them. I have paid anywhere from $12 to $25 for them out there. Some places are asking $40 or more for pretty standard sizes. I suggest grabbing two or more and offering a flat rate that would be less than the full price of each added together. You gotta bargain with these things because the whole point is to save money and keep junk out of our landfills. The overhead on these windows should be next to nothing.
I have moved around the United States a bit and I have learned to take advantage of the style the region offers me. Make the most of what is available to you. Embrace the style even if it isn’t exactly you – say Southwest? Mix it with your own decorating taste and see what happens.
I’m not usually a very “wordy” blogger but – well – I had some info. to offer today.
Thanks for reading!
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Please share where you find your windows and where-abouts you live.
Thank YOU!!!
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