Make a Sofa "C" Table…easily!

I use my laptop computer while sitting on the sofa. My kids sit on the sofa and eat snacks while watching movies. We use our TV Tray Tables a lot.


I have been wanting “C” tables to use instead. So I finally made one.
(we are super casual at our house)
The new table brings my computer in a little closer to me as I sit on the sofa.
It will also bring snacks in a little closer to the boys so I should see less “spills” on the sofa.
I love black and white so I chose those colors for this accent piece.
Here is how I made it…
 Starting with the legs first – Cut down a 2×4 to (2) 26″ pieces and (2) 20″ pieces.
Attach them with 6×8″ shelf brackets.
 For the table top I cut a 1×6″ of pine down to (4) 18 inch pieces.
I sprayed each one lightly with black paint. Once they were dry I taped them off at center and brushed on white paint very lightly. Then removed the tape.
Once all the paint was dry I used my orbital hand sander to distress each slat. I do this to slat top tables before I attach them together so I can get the corners and inside edges good and rough.
Then lay them out as I want them to be for the table top and flip them over to the back side. I then nail and then screw on another 1×6 cut at 17″ long to hold them all together.
Spray the legs and brackets black, too.
I apply the legs to the table top using (2) rafter ties and 1 1/2 inch screws (to legs) and 3/4 inch screws (for top) with double nuts on one of the screws where the whole was large in the rafter ties.
For additional support and a decorative accent I used (2) simple arch shelf brackets.
The arch bracket sits on top of the rafter ties.
For the feet that go under the sofa I used (2) 1.25″x18″ strap ties & screwed them in at a cris-cross angle for support. Then sprayed the whole bottom black to cover the silver hardware.
For leg support I cut a white 2×4 at angles on each end and applied it with bolts.
(make sure the legs are standing level first)
And…there it is! The table measures 27 inches high and 18 inches deep.
(our sofa is huge)
This is so comfortable to sit on the sofa and be able to reach my key board without leaning so far forward. This project took me about 2 hours and totally worth it!!!

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Remember Mazi? She weighs 4 pounds now and she’s 4 months old (she’s a Morkie).
She is growing and so fun to love!

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35 Replies to “Make a Sofa "C" Table…easily!”

  1. I'm sure you will get lots of use. I really like the alternating black and white boards and the distressing. Wishing you a great weekend. We have had a crazy busy week with exams, workshops, snowstorms and new sesters starting so I am looking forward to a few projects around here.

  2. Very nice, Holly! I have been wanting to build one and now you've inspired me. Thanks for ALL your inspiration projects. You're a very talented lady.Lesa

  3. Holly, what a great idea! I also like to sit in the family room while we watch tv. Wonderful project! I would love you to share this a TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS. Link goes line Wednesday at 8:00 pm!

  4. Why oh why must you live so far away from me? I want to come over to your garage so we can make tables together. I will bring the coffee…Awesome job. Adore the black and white. Love the distressing and the stripes and … the whole thing!PS \”SPOOGE\”??? I thought that word meant something else…

  5. Love it! What a great project. I was thinking of doing a similar project, only a little taller so it can go over the arm. Everyone loves putting their plate on the arm, so I was thinking a C table over the arm would be nice. Thank you for sharing. I'm pinning it!

  6. I love your C table Holly… so funny but I saw one that had a metal base the other day and I thought it was a great idea for hanging over the couch…. I like your wooden one, I'm going to have to give it a try, it looks very handy. Anything striped is a winner for me!Great job!Susan

  7. see my comment onone of your summer blogs:little late I am… just got around your beautiful blog. Did you know you can eat your day-lillies. They taste a litle like lettuce with a pepperish aftertaste. Look good on a salad as eadible deco too.try please try in summer, they are good. I have eaten them for more than 30 yearsgreetings from GermanyGina

  8. This is sucha great idea, Holly. We could definitely use a couple of tables like these in our sunroom. We have our television in there with a small sectional; there is no room for a coffee table. We spend a lot of time in there and on occasion eat in there, so this type of table would be ideal. Great job!

  9. LOVE this idea! How cute! I want to do this! We have those exact trays! Thanks for sharing. Just \”pinned\” this project from the Fox Hollow Link Up! Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh Holly, I love it, nice and small, beautiful colors and what personality… and I like the table too! hehehe! Maci is getting so big, she is adorable! Really tho, thanks for such detailed tutorials right down to the measurements, it really helps a newbie like me get it right!Hugs,~Pendra

  11. Such a nice idea to have a table like that handy. I can imagine that it will get a lot of use. You're so handy with wood!

  12. Great job…and probably a lot more sturdy than those little fold-out tables….I wish I knew how to build things like that….but then again I'd probably be missing a few fingers by now…lol….Holly I replied to your GOOGLE message, not sure if you got it. I did start a blog, here is my address. I would be thrilled if you tell me what you think.

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