Vine Ribbon Pumpkins

I purchased some 6 foot long vine ribbon at Micheal’s craft store for $5.99.

I have two artificial white pumpkins that I thought could use some sort of
“earthy” accent.
This little project took me about 5 minutes.
I wrapped the vine ribbon around the pumpkins and removed the end sticks from the wire. I used the wire to secure the ribbon around each pumpkin and trimmed off the rest of the vine.
On the back side I used twine to tie any areas that were too loose.
The large pumpkin got two looser wraps.
The smaller one got one snug wrap.
You can never go wrong with natural materials…in my opinion.
Pretty Pumpkins!
Mom 4 Real

18 Replies to “Vine Ribbon Pumpkins”

  1. What a cute idea! I've never even seen the vine sold like that, I'll have to look next time I'm at Michael's. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  2. The pumpkins look great, as do all of your fall decorations. I am hoping to get most of my decorations finished tomorrow so I can concentrate on the kids Halloween party. Party central is full of excitement.

  3. I wanted to let you know how easy the bats can be. I traced them onto black heavy paper using a pattern found on the internet. I think I was able to get 4 large bats per sheet and 6 small bats per sheet. I spent a day last year watching a Halloween movie and cutting them out. My kids help me with the glue while I put them on the wall. Then just pop them off when done. HOWEVER, I did have a few stick and pull up the paint on the wall. Hope that helps.

  4. Such a fantastic idea! I always love to add touches of natural elements when I decorate and I can't wait to try this on some pumpkins that I recently painted white. I have been reading your blog for such a long time, but just realized I had not been following you. I totally had to change that!Angela

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