Pallet Porch Console

I made something today that I am pretty excited about.

I have been wanting a table on our porch for many reasons. A drink station for the kids was the main motivation for this console. But I can use it for so much more – coffee or wine bar, garden cart, storage, snacks and for seasonal display.
It all started with these two pallets that I have been storing in our garage. I didn’t go to the store for one thing today – I love uninterrupted projects (no store trips anyway).
I cut the sold pallet in half (with my hubbies help) and glued and screwed them together and just left one top piece of wood for the back panel. I used the other pallet for legs by cutting the two ends off along the 1×4’s. Then cut those almost in half to make four legs. 
 I used an old 2×4 to make all the legs the same length and applied a center piece to keep the legs straight. (hopefully you can see in the pictures how I did it – I am not great at explaining every detail – that’s why I give you lots of photos) The legs needed wood cris-cross beams from the pallet to keep them sturdy.
I mostly used my nail gun to put this together. 
For a decorative detail I used a fence rail spindle cut in half centered on the front in two places (you can see the light arrows pointing to them in the right side picture above). Where the three black stars are I used 1×6 wood to sort of “clean up” the wood ends.  (the dark piece of wood was from Ben’s IKEA bed that I cut down – I never throw scrap wood away) The red star marks where I applied a flat fence post topper to the shelf center.
I used dark walnut stain on the front and top but in the hard to reach areas and “rough” wood spots I used black spray paint. When it dried I sanded it all to give it a worn look. Blended great.
Then for some other little details…
Brackets with an iron scroll tied to them with twine tops off the back panel. On one side I used my old coffee cup hanger for tools or coffee mugs and a hummingbird hook on the opposite side for something decorative.
I used a little iron nail button in the center of the shelf on the flat fence topper.
What a useful piece of furniture – basically built for free.
If you like the star hanging on my chicken coop door you can make one too – go HERE for that post.
A perfect console for my porch!

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  1. NO way I would have looked at 2 pallets and come up with that. Awesome!! I can think of so many uses for that thing.. in my home :-)Luv it Holly. Hugs, Gee

  2. Wow! Love the recycle and repurpose aspect for this project. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the the cuts and piecing together…I must be tired. :/ …because it looked pretty simple! I like it! and am pinning it. Pat

  3. Oh boy I know hubs will be tickled to have me print out one more pallet project for him to make. I love your porch table, it's great, design is a bit different than others I've seen also. Very snazzy to be sure. Had to save it as there isn't enuf ink left to print. Can hardly wait to show hubs. We have lots of pallets to make things with. He really doesn't like having to take them apart but once he does he's ok. I manage to find something to do in the house when he's dismantling them. Mean or smart of me? Happy days sure glad you shared this project.

  4. Very creative and useful! I love maiking use of my stash, especially for something as useful as a table. Good job!

  5. That turned out great Holly! I love it. You are a superwoman working with pallets. I have given up on them….they are too much work getting them apart. Enjoy your day, Gail

  6. Holly, I must say, it looks good, but I have a caveat for you. We bought two sets of two chairs and a table (so four chairs and two tables) made from pallet wood last year. None of these was painted, and they had been stapled and short screws used on them. One set has held together okay, the other is ready for our burn pit, and we have it in our pasture where our goats can climb on it. I was warned that unfinished pallet wood would need to be treated before being used, and I ignored the warnings from a well-meaning friend. They have NOT been sturdy and reliable, though free to the maker who made the furniture. Yours will probably fare better since it's on a protected porch and has been painted.

  7. Wow this is such a great project and love the way it turned out. You are right it can serve so many different purposes.Cynthia

  8. Awesome! I have a couple pallets laying around that I've been trying to figure out what to do with them! Can you come help me build one? Please! LOL!! Great job!!~~Angela

  9. as always you blow me away…..LOVE have been one busy gal this weekend. I didn't built anything this weekend (since I don't know how to use tools) …LOL…but my friend gave me her old potting shed which I stained and will decorate this week. You just gave me some ideas….PINNING

  10. Ok it's official. You need your own show. Where are the producers for HGTV when you need them? This is a wonderfully creative-cool-idea. Love it!Leslie aka gwen moss

  11. Are you sure you weren't a carpenter in another life? You really created something special for your porch. It has style and function!

  12. Holly, You amaze me. I love it. I would love to hang with you in your garage as you are creating! Can't wait to see you stage it for the seasons.

  13. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! What a great piece, Holly! And to think you made it from pallets and a few other things! Wonderful tutorial too!Love your little embellishments too! It looks great on your porch.

  14. I love your awesome carpentry skills and also how humble you are! If I made something like that I wouldn't be able to get over myself. :-)How you can take two free pallets and make a $1,000 piece of furniture out of it I will never know!IN AWE. I can't wait to see pictures of it decorated for each season… xoxo jules

  15. Holly you are tooooo creative! Love this to bits and have the perfect spot on the deck for it! My husband works for a large home improvement store and handles pallets all day long…but they send them back to the warehouse to be reused for shipping…DARN! I've pinned this (I need to start a new board just for your creations)and hopefully me and my not so handy man can come up with something sorta close (hahahaha) to yours!Hugs,Pendrap.s. can you tell I'm trying to catch up on your posts, I've missed most of last month so don't mind all my chattering!

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