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Hello friends! Guess what? I switched my blog from Blogger to WordPress – finally! I hope it looks fine and publishes right. I have been a little nervous to do the switch since I know there is a learning curve and I haven’t been in the mode to change.

DSC_0444Recently several malfunctions were happening with my site like Linkwithin wasn’t working and ads weren’t showing up. The boring stuff – any-who, Let me share one little project that I did in the foyer.



When we first moved in the french doors to the guest room were white. The front door was a stain and the sidelites were a stain but notice how there was a white trim piece in between the door and the sidelites? That bugged me because it looked like three pieces.


I painted the sidelights white so it looks like part of the trim package here. The door looks more grand in the bulky white molding surrounding it. In other homes we’ve lived in I have added chunky molding around the front door, especially to the top because an entry way deserves a little extra detail.


The front door wasn’t the only thing that changed. I may have already shared this but the french doors got a few coats of Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.

The character and drama it gives…. I love it!


Right now we still keep a coat rack in the foyer because this weather can’t decide if it’s going to be hot or cold. That wooden container was a super lucky find from our Goodwill. I put faux plants in it with Spanish moss.

The lamp was a thrift store find that I painted black. I tore the fabric off of an old lamp shade and coated that with black spray paint too. Honestly, I spent more on the vintage style bulb than on the whole fixture.


I don’t think I told you all about this mirror but it’s actually a hard plastic gold but it was only $22 at the Goodwill too. I was looking for a chunky gold framed mirror for that spot.

The gallery wall is surprisingly still up and sometimes things get swapped out but it mostly stays the same. It gives a fun statement to this space.

I finally feel like our entry has the drama I was craving. I still have ideas on what I would like in the future but for now, I have to just let it be.

Give me some feedback on the blog – does it look right to you? Did you get an email as you usually would? If not, there is a new place that you can sign up for email notifications in my sidebar.

I am still tweaking some details on the site as I learn how and notice what it needs but if you are here that is a great sign. So enjoy the rest of your week and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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Your blog looks fantastic and so does your foyer! 😉 I’ve been having a TON of trouble with my blog and no time to fix it. Maybe I need to switch too. As always, you have incredibly inspired me! Hugs!