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Hey Friends!

Can you even believe this post is coming in the same month as our guest room post (HERE)? Well, it’s March and that darn sun finally decided to come out and it has given me much needed new energy.

We recently had to get a new washer. Our old one broke, which I was sad about because I used to be able to stack the dryer on top of it because it was a front loader (see post HERE). I was happy because I didn’t like the front load so we got a top loader without the agitator in the same brand as the dryer.

THIS is what I had to work with. UGH! How do I make this pretty, first of all and how do I make it functional too? (when the light is on in the day the walls look really pink – Eider White SW)

Want a quick semi-tutorial of where I started? Take a guess what was bugging me the most, besides the wall color.

Yup – all the cords and utility knobs on the wall. I am rolling my eyes so hard. I think contractors build houses for what is convenient to them, not what looks best for the homeowners.

Not to bore you but here is where I started to cover that stuff up. Corner bracket a 1 1/2 inch board above the floor molding to the wall so it will cover the outlet at 48 inches high.

On the other side of the W/D I screwed a few boards into the wall at the same height of 48 inches..

I screwed a shelf board into those (pilot whole first so the wood doesn’t split).

I forgot to take a picture but on this side I did add 2 2×4’s in an L shape to this corner. The 2×4’s are attached to one another with L brackets too. They look like legs, support the shelf and cover the cords.

Here I screwed more common board to the front to hide the plugs and knobs. There is a 2×4 piece behind that corner to keep it in place and it is fastened to the side wall boards too. The dryer is shorter than the washer so the wood lying down will go above it to create a full wood back splash.

Are you noticing that eye sore on the wall here? I asked the plumber to please move it but it had to be accessible for the clean out – or something that didn’t make any sense to me. I am trying to work with it. I took the cover off of it so that it didn’t stick out as far.

To complete the built in look I put a wood piece on top of the dryer and nailed it with my brad nailer the the back splash and wall board. I put felt stickers on the bottom of it so it doesn’t lay directly on the metal top.

Since  I used a lot of screws that were visible I covered them with this wood paste and stained over them once dry.

By putting that wood piece there it made the dryer the same height as the washer plus it covers the side spaces to give several more inches of counter top.

I brought in my all time favorite picture of my kids to brighten  my laundry days (and to cover up the clean out doo-dah in the wall).

A tip jar is necessary for all the change I wash and green plants make a space come alive.

OK so lets just look again at a BEFORE picture…

BORING! OK, now lets see that same view AFTER…

Awwwww – the natural light is much better too!

Did I mention that I changed out a boob light for a chandy? Yes, and I added a little earthy vine to go around it too.

I eventually want to paint the walls but at this point I have so many projects to do that the paint is just going to have to wait. Remember how I made a terrible mistake in going with Eider White by SW (post HERE) It’s pink in most lights in our home. To be honest though, it’s a really pretty color, just not perfect for me.

There are built in shelves in here that hold supplies (yeah, you get the real version – I don’t always “stage” my photos – if ever).

Everyone gets their own basket for clean clothes to put away in drawers.

It was hard to get a picture of the whole room but to the left is a wooden rack for hanging clothes. Marc and Ben custom made it because everything at the store was too long for our space.

The above picture was taken when I was really doing laundry and the clean clothes hang there ready for everyone to come get their own and put them away.

I think that’s pretty much it. A small room and a one day makeover. I can handle that!

Now, who is ready to do laundry? Ugh! I just want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine this lovely morning!

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Have a fun week my sweet friends!

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I love how warm and inviting your laundry room is. I am so impressed with how well you worked around those outlets. I have a big dryer pipe to work around…I did something similar years ago that I think I posted about…
Love what you did, makes me want to do the same thing! 😉

Katie Mansfield

This is darling. I hate the pipes and outlets by the washer. So ugly but you made it beautiful.

At Rivercrest Cottage

The laundry is wonderful! The wood goes so well with the white walls.


Oh Holly this is over the top beautiful. Wow you are the transformation Queen. I absolutely love this laundry room. I love your whole house but this laundry room is really cool. Great job.Hugs,Kris

Cindy - ClochesandLavender

Wow Holly it looks amazing. I'm not a big stager for pictures either. Sometimes I go out of my way but others not going to happen. Every room has to have a chandelier. Never can have too many. Cindy

Christine Vandormolen

Holly this is amazing!!!! You are so talented, being able to have these ideas and then being able to use tools and make it happen all my yourself! WOW…Love the chandelier too!


Holly!!!!! That looks fantastic. All the newer homes I see have those stupid hoses placed high like that. They say it is so you can get to it easily in case there is a leak. sigh…functional but ugly. You did a great job making the place feel like a real 'room' instead of a laundry area. Love it- xo Diana

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

It looks fabulous. I love the shelf you added, that is such a great idea.