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Happy Month of April!  Doesn’t it feel so good to finally have Spring here? I want to be working in the yard but our inside still needs some fluffing.

This is our loft on the second floor. I haven’t shared it before because it’s just been so plain. Here are some before pictures.


Nothing was hung on the walls. We have blinds on the windows since it sits at the front of the house and the new-ish sofa from our apartment went there because it’s so comfy.


I imagined that we would use this room to watch movies together and the boys would hang out here but it never gets used. The wall space is a bit odd because of the windows so it took me some time to decide what to do with it.


Even though there is a TV here it’s not our primary television and we made the mistake of letting the kids have one in their rooms. That was to keep peace at one point and it’s hard to go back.

So in an attempt to get this room used I gave it a cozy factor.


The square photos are old but my favorite so I decided to center 4 of them under the side windows. The windows are short because of the roof line.


A gold mirror that had been in the guest room went on the slender wall area. The shape is interesting and I like the mix of the vintage style with the contemporary style wall photos. Old pillows that have been used and used are thrown on the sofa plus a few Goodwill finds like the lamp and small coffee table help fill it up.


You know I love greenery. It just brings a space to life. This is an old night stand that has been in one of the kids’ rooms and the warm wood is pretty with the neutral color pallet.

This room allows so much natural light to flow through our upstairs hall. The boys wanted to put a door on it so it could be a game room for them but I didn’t want it closed off. It might be used more if it were private.


Basically I spent no money on this room because we had everything. All my family photos needed a home but I wasn’t ready to do another gallery wall just yet. I painted that pallet from one of the new construction homes across the street and placed all the photos on the pallet. Sort of like a shelf behind the TV.

The room is so white and bright it could use some dark contrast.


The pie cabinet from our house in CT is still with us. It’s great storage for remotes and electronics.

The door you see in the below photo leads to a small bathroom. One of our boys uses that one. There is a main bath on the other side of the hall for the other boy to use. The bathroom situation sold us on this floor plan. It seemed like we got a bonus bathroom with this layout compared to others in the same price and square footage. Not that I want to clean them but it makes our mornings go smooth.


So there it is. I turn the lamps on at night and it makes the upstairs landing feel inviting and home-ey. I have some extra window panels in grey that I could hang up but with the sofa up against the wall I decided not to deal with them.

What do you think? Cozy, right?

My boys are 16 year old twins. If you have any ideas on how to get them to hang out with me more often then let me know in the comments. I miss having them around. They like their own personal spaces which I am thankful they have but this mamma misses her littles.

You all have an amazing week and again, if you like to keep up with my house stuff you can follow my instagram  @hollybrowninghome (here)

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As always, thanks for being here!

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As you know, I have boys your boys ages. A big thing we do together is watch action movies, like the Jason Bourne series, Mission Impossible, Avengers…they also like to get me caught up on all the latest super hero movies and t.v. series to get ready for the next big movies. We have a lot of fun together with this as well as going to Sushi, or playing a game of basketball together. Common interest, right? 😉
Your loft is inspiring, as always! XOXO


That looks great! I love your idea about using a pallet for the photos.