Foyer Gallery Wall

The entire time while building this house I was imagining this wall with a console table along it with  a simple mirror or horse picture above it.


(sorry it’s blurry)

The hall widens up nice here but there’s a cold air return, electrical outlet, light switch and temp control on this wall. Ugh! I want to hide all of them!

Once we moved in I placed a buffet table here but it felt a bit cumbersome to go around it. Not natural in traffic flow.

As I unpacked I realized I had a nice collection of mirrors and frames.

To make the utility components dissolve into the wall we painted the wall Extra White (Ben Moore) like the trim but in a satin finish, not semi-gloss.

I  like the personality the wall gives our house.

I have wanted a full gallery wall ever since I saw my brother’s foyer.

On the opposite wall hangs a chippy shutter. Our foyer sets the tone for the style of the rest of our house decor and that is why I like to start there when I decorate.

If you are a regular here you have heard me complain about the pink-ish undertone to the Eider White (Sherwin Williams) walls. I think they are starting to grow on me.

As we add our own pieces to the place it all ends up blending pretty well and I have bigger priorities right now than to repaint the entire house.

…so does Mazi!

Her life is tough here sitting around on down filled pillows.

Next up is our dining room. This is a bold one, my friends! Curtains will be here at the end of the week.

Have a super fun 4th of July and we’ll catch up next week. If you are on Instagram you can see glimpses of what we are doing on our updates there in THIS link.

Until then,

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  1. That little Mazi is too adorable. I just want to kiss her and hug her she is so darn cute. The wall is fabulous Holly. You had a great vision on this one. What character it gives to a wall that is so hard to decorate. You hit it out of the park on this one. Love love love it. Did I tell you I love it lol!!!! Happy 4th.Hugs,Kris

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