Black and White Dining

Happy Monday!
I hope you are all enjoying summer. Here in Virginia we are having the best weather. We deserve it after such high humidity for three weeks. We needed a relief.
Over the weekend I painted our dining room.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:

It was so light and bright that my eyes would just float around and not focus on any particular thing. I knew that I wanted something dramatically different.
So, I painted the room in Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore.
Huge difference!
I love the gold mirror above an old buffet that I painted white. The handles are different metals and it ties in with the Gallery Wall in the foyer.
I put an old basket under the buffet and thought the fabric flowers that I got on clearance at Joann’s would look nice stored there.
I like to stock up on floral when it’s on clearance so I can buy a whole bunch of one type flower. I stay away from the plastic ones and opt for soft fabric floral that looks more natural.
We have plenty of chairs for the table but I like the look of a bench in a dining room. The metal basket underneath holds tables clothes, a runner and place mats.
Because it is summer I like to add a seasonal accent like these star fish. One sits at the base of each window.
Natural succulents and a mini ficus tree add life to the simple color scheme.
Painting that dark color took some patience. I was going to tape off the edges but to be honest – I think it makes it harder to get a good crisp line. I’d rather freehand nice and slow with a short two inch angled brush. Slow and Steady!
While I was working on this room and feeling quite like myself again, Ms. Mazi lounged around in the nearby family room.
We put in a pet fence to train her to stay in the yard this weekend. So far the beeping noise is keeping her inside the boundaries marked with flags.
Good Girl, May!
Tell me what you think of the dining room in the comment section below.
If you like these posts – you can get little glimpses of them before the blog on Instagram HERE.
I don’t know what room comes next – maybe my bedroom.
Have a super fun week and Ms. Mazi and I thank you for dropping in!
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Christine Vandormolen

wow, you have been busy Holly…what a difference and I can;t believe you have all this energy after just going through a move…..Love the wall color and the plant in the crate.

Katie Mansfield

I love this. It's so fun you are blogging again. This room is perfectly you.


Gosh! What a difference that paint made. I LOVE it- love the curtains and every thing about the room. You did a fantastic job pulling it all together. There is just enough white in there to balance the room and keep it from feeling 'heavy'. Have a great day- xo Diana


Holly,Once again your vision is beautiful. I love the dark olive color. It really grounded the room and made it richer. All your pieces in this room are now seen. That beautiful mirror just pops off the darker wall. The lighter furniture is so pretty. Love love love the drapes. The room is just gorgeous. Great job. Ok lets see that bedroom now!!!! You go girl.Hugs,Kris


Lovely! I love the decoration of your home. Use of black and white dining furniture is amazing, I love it. Please keep sharing more ideas of decorating a home. dinning room furniture in Hackensack

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

I saw the curtains on Instagram. I love them and the dark walls look fabulous. What a gorgeous dining room.