Let There Be Light

Hi Friends!

There are lights on but nobody is home (yet)!

All the light fixtures are in. I have to say that I am mostly happy with my choices.

One thing I notice that happens is you think the fixtures are going to be the right size for the room. For the most part I got that right but the lantern on the front porch is smaller than I imagined.

I had a certain criteria for that particular light though. Guess what it was?

It had to be easy to change the bulb. I know that sounds dumb but I do not want to climb high and take apart a fixture every time a bulb is out. Also, there is only one bulb that is very easy to change. So essentially I got what I wanted.

I took these pictures last night as this crazy storm was moving in. Clouds swiftly moved in and the wind took branches off trees and swirled them around in the air. I love storms like that…when I am home, not driving.

I wish I had more to share about the house today. The house doors are kept locked now because the floors are finished.

This week the landscapers start the yard and that will brighten things up.

On the personal front I don’t have a whole lot of news because all I can do is read books about what happens to us when we die. I can’t get enough of it. I’m not ready to get into that subject here but I want to know where my Mom is. She can’t possibly just be gone. We love each other too much! (that story HERE)

Speaking of moms I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. Mine was great in the day time but once evenings come – I am a mess. It’s like the “witching hour”.

I hope to have more fun posts soon. I have finished a few pieces of furniture. Finally! These are pieces that have been sitting for months in my garage waiting to be done and they go in the new house.

Here’s a quick peek at one of them…

A dining table (in my messy garage). You might be surprised at what I chose to do with it, I think.

I share more often on Instagram lately so if you would like to follow along there HERE is the link.

OK! I am going to a birthday lunch for a friend today so I better run.

Have a super fun week and thanks for dropping in!

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