A House in Progress

Hello friends!

No, the house is not complete….Darn it! But soon.

I was excited when the gutters went up. I chose a bronze color. Also, the trim around the roof line is painted Urbane Bronze by SW. I love it! Maybe you can’t tell but here is what it looked like before.

So the lighting is in, the driveway is poured and the hardware is on.

Remember when I wrote about how disappointed we were with all the front steps (link HERE)? Well, we had the walkway raised to cover two of the steps. It took a ton of dirt too but now there are only 8 steps instead of 10. Worth it, even though the front yard slopes a little more.

Much better.

It’s starting to look like a home.

The back patio is in.

I am so excited to have a patio and a backyard that is easily accessible, even though the front yard is less so. We’ve had decks with stairs going to the yard for years and this go around I wanted my backyard closer. (Besides, Mazi is so lazy that in the Winter she would not even go down the stairs to go potty – she went right there on our deck! This will help.)

I rarely share pictures of myself but this is my husband and I — Hello!

That’s the garage side door. I like it white but I think it’s supposed to be the same bronze color as the trim. We’ll see. Lately we just say – you get what you get. Some requests happen and some don’t.

On the inside – the floors are in but not yet stained.

The master bath is just about finished.

I chose the same granite as the kitchen for this room. I like the consistency throughout the house.

All the tile is white in the showers too.

I still don’t love the wall color but it will be a good excuse for me to put some personality into each room once I get our things in there. (Eider White by SW – it has a pink hue)

I realize this is sort of a boring post but life feels like it’s been turned upside down and I can’t seem to find fun words to write. I miss my Mom every single day however, I feel like I am finally adjusting to a new normal – slowly (link to that story HERE).

The house has been a good distraction giving me something to look forward to.

I took a picture of Mazi the other day and it made my boys and I laugh…

She wouldn’t look at me because she was watching out for a cute neighborhood kitty that likes to tease her. So, she deserves an un-becoming public picture.

That one isn’t really any better but she’s so dang fun! We take her with us almost everywhere. I love her.

We still have almost 6 weeks left before the move. I’m looking forward to getting settled and planting a garden.

I post more pictures on Instagram. You can follow my story there too – link HERE.

Hope you are enjoying the change of season. The warm weather refreshes my soul.

Thanks for stopping by!

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jesi k

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Katie Mansfield

I love the kitchen. I hope the wall color looks better once your things are in the house. I think it will make a difference. The floors look amazing. Mazi is such a cutie.

At Rivercrest Cottage

It's going to be truly wonderful and no matter what does and doesn't get done, I'm sure you will make it over to be perfect for you. I give that white color with the pink hue a less than 1 percent chance of being there a year from now!


It is looking so great. The pic of you and hubby is adorable too. Love that Mazi is happy and excited to see the new house coming together. I had to laugh at the last picture it does look like a person with a doggie head too funny. I guess I am warped like Diana lol! Happy Friday.xoxoKris


Hi Holly- OMGOSH-the house is turning out to be just beautiful!!! I LOVE it. You have done a great job pulling things together. That is a shame that you aren't in love with the paint—but I have had that happen to me, too. You are right- sometimes you can get some things done just right and sometimes you have to make allowances.Now- I know that I am weirdo but do you know that in that last picture with your reflection in the car window that it looks like a person's body with a dog's head? LOL Don't mind me- you… Read more »