How the Paint Really Looks

Are you ready for an update on the house?

Over the last couple of months the house has come pretty far along.

My mind was in a different place for most of that time but it’s exciting to see it coming all together now.
See the window box on the garage? I am so glad we chose the colonial molding above the windows, it adds a lot of character.
The wood under the over hangs have been stained too.
Loving the contrast!

The exterior is painted in Cocoon SW6173 (RR 19). I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

The best and worst surprises are THE PAINT!

The interior has been painted too.

I can’t remember the trim color exactly but the wall is Eider White SW7014 by Sherwin Williams.

On the paint chip it was a pretty white color leaning towards grey.

Did I sample it? NO!

I didn’t even take my own advice! (gah!)

Honestly, I wish I had done my homework on this color.

It looks super pretty in some lights but watch…

When the western sun comes into the foyer in the afternoon…uhm – I don’t like it one bit! I see a pastel almost mauve undertone. I can’t stand pink, even when it’s trendy.

What am I going to do about it?

Live with it!

Ugh, I am so mad at myself. What was I thinking?

The color changes with whatever is reflecting on it. I think that is common with light colors but I didn’t research this one enough. I trusted the builders designer and I had seen it in a house and liked it fine (toured that house on a gloomy rainy day).

I am more familiar with Benjamin Moore Paint and I should have insisted on one I know in that line instead of trying to go with the flow.

I know the builder deals with a lot of difficult customers and I am trying to NOT be one of them. I used to be an agent for a builder and know what a distraction the buyers can be when you’re trying to get the job done.

Let’s move on to better news….the kitchen.

So far so good.

I love the two tone colors of the cabinetry. I really do.

The counter tops are also very pretty.

They compliment the dark Java stained bottom cabinets and the white uppers.

It’s granite in a color called Wiskon White. A white with black running through it.

Making dinner in this kitchen is going to be so fun! There’s even a pantry.

Right now I have about 24 inches of counter space at the apartment and it’s always full. My dinners consist of casseroles and casseroles. (eye roll)

Remember when I wanted a chimney hood over the cook top?  I didn’t do it based on price but…

I am so happy with this accent cabinet featuring a little shelf. It’s a chunky focal point for the large wall of cabinets.

Also, I am so glad that I didn’t go with open shelving. The white uppers blend in great with the walls and provide a ton of storage.

Since the ceilings are 10 feet tall and the room is so very open, it may have felt too bare to have small shelving and may have become cluttered looking.

Small kitchens – YES on open shelving – larger scale? Not so much.

I wasn’t sure about the dramatic staggering of the upper cabinets either but I trusted the kitchen designer on this one and he was right, I love it!

Simple lines like shaker style cabinet doors, sleek stainless hardware (goes with the door knobs and plumbing fixtures) and an eased edge on the island are practical, not too fancy so I can decorate in my own way without the house feeling over done.

I kept the hardware the same throughout the house.

This is one of the sink bases in the master bath. It’s also Java stained. The floor will be grey tile and Wiskon White granite counter tops are coming soon too.

The hall bath upstairs has the same hardware but a lighter stain. This stain is named Stone. I love that the wood grain still comes through. This bathroom is for the boys.

The tops are a bright white marble in a flat finish and the floor will also be the same grey as the master bath. I kept all of my choices consistent through the whole house so it flows.

Let’s see…What else is going on Mazi?

Tile this week. Yay!

Yesterday I started cleaning out my garage. What a messy worker I am. Sadly, I didn’t finish a lot of the projects that I had big ideas for so several things went to Goodwill. Several things were thrown out too.

Sorta feeling like keeping the next house clean of all the dust from sanding and cutting wood. If I don’t get my creative juices back soon, it might just stay that way.

Hope all is well with you and your families!
(and if you are lucky enough to have your Mom around – squeeze her like crazy!)

Until next time…


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Hi Holly, The painted the Urbane Bronze painted trim, makes a huge difference! The painted trim really showcases the lines of the home. I'm going to use this idea when painting my home. Beautiful!!

At Rivercrest Cottage

Came back to see your post again as I was short on time when you first posted it. Your new home is going to be lovely and I'm excited for you. We're thinking of putting ours on the market and living in an apartment for a year to be able to spend more time in areas we are considering moving to. I've read your comments about apartment living so think I am a little prepared, but thankfully we don't have twin teenagers so it will be a little easier for us.

Hillsdale Cottage

Holly the house is coming along so nicely. Paint colors can tricky and I was so afraid to pick ours. I went with a light gray that has blue/purple undertones in different lighting, I am okay with that thou. My thoughts and prayers are still with you and you're family!

Cindy Richter

I totally get what you mean about the Eider White looking pink on some walls. So sorry! Everything is beautiful. Even that color you don't like. I bet once you get your creative decorating skills to work, the wall color will look different. It's coming along fabulously!


Holly how exciting. Your new home is really taking shape. I love the molding over the windows too. Great choice it does give character to them. Love love love the kitchen it is going to be so gorgeous when done. About the paint color especially in the foyer just live with it for awhile and when you get moved in if you really do not like it you can change it with a different color. It is all looking so wonderful. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.Hugs,Kris

Christine Vandormolen

Good morning Holly, wow your house looks more like a little mansion. How wonderful you get to build and pick everything from scratch. The kitchen looks so huge and open. Cannot wait until you add all your touches and blog about it. I hear you on the paint color, I hate picking out paint for that exact reason. Colors are so deceiving and the undertones just come out of nowhere. I just painted our master bedroom and painted the headboard wall very dark (SW Gauntlet Gray) as an accent color. I have the same dark color downstairs in the family… Read more »

Lori Merrill

Hello Holly! Your house is beautiful! You have done a marvelous job. Enjoy! Lori@vintagethruthyme

Lori Merrill

Hello Holly! Your house is beautiful! I love the paint colors too…enjoy! Lori @vintagethruthyme