Natural Accents in the Family Room

After the Christmas decorations are all put away it’s fun to bring in natural winter accents from outside.

Some of my favorite items to bring in are twigs, pine cones, fresh greens and logs.
I admit that little tree is not real but it looks enough like it. I do like to clip greens from the cypress or holly trees though.
All around the fireplace are items that have been found outside. Adding candles makes it super cozy.
I like to use my garden urns for holding wood or pine cones. The leaning log was found on a nature walk with my family. We were fascinated that a little beaver had gnawed away at it.
Bringing in treasures from a special day spent with family keeps a memory close to mind and heart each time I see see it.
Thanks for stopping by to see my natural winter accents.
Have a beautiful and warm day!

10 Replies to “Natural Accents in the Family Room”

  1. Love the logs and branches. I always on the look out for treasure on nature walks as well. My Mom was just here visiting and she found a branch covered in moss that looks like the letter \”V\”, for Vandormolen. Love it!!!!!

  2. I love bringing nature indoors too. You did a great job with yours. Your house lends itself well to that look too since you have such pretty views of nature right outside your windows!

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